Covid-19 Accessories

Covid-19 Accessories

As everyone looks forward to a new beginning with cautious optimism, Cubicle World stands ready to equip these newly reopened work environments. So, by installing countertop screens, which are designed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in transactional environments, which secures health safety especially where social distancing cannot always be followed.

COVID-19 sneeze guards help many businesses to welcome their customers back to a world ready to emerge from shut down, by placing a transparent barrier between the clerk and the customer. The sneeze guards are made from safety glass and mount to the countertop area between the employee and the client.  The clear screens allows full visibility from both sides but block any droplets of moisture that can transfer from person to person through the air.

Cubicle World has countertop screens in single and tri-fold formats that also come with window options that enable the safe exchange of payment for goods or services while still allowing customer interaction.

All of us need to be mindful that this disease is still out there, but we also need to realize that we do not need to live in total fear of the worst-case scenario.  With COVID-19 sneeze guards, Cubicle World can position your business for optimal recovery and hope for a brighter future.

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