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Remanufactured Office Furniture On Sale Now
March 30, 2016
Remanufactured Office Furniture On Sale Now

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You may have decided to buy refurbished office furniture because you know you can save a significant amount of money. Make sure you know what “refurbished” office furniture is as compared to remanufactured, as-is and new. You know you’ll be able to refurnish every employee’s office or cubicle space because of how much you save, but you need to know what you’ll be getting.

Telling the Difference Between New and Refurbished Office Furniture

New furniture, obviously, has never been used before. It comes straight from the manufacturer’s warehouse or the office store, wrapped in plastic and strong cardboard. It should have no scratches or stains. The fittings and pieces should be sturdy, with no give. Drawers close and open smoothly. You won’t find water or coffee stains on desk surfaces.

With refurbished office furniture, you’re getting furniture that has undergone a few cosmetic upgrades. The chair’s seat fabric has been changed. The desks have been refinished, eliminating scratches. In short, what you’re getting is furniture that’s gotten a facelift as opposed to being completely restored and made “like new.”

Other Useful Office Furniture Terms

You’re going to face other terms in your furniture search:

º As is
º Remanufactured

With as is office furniture, you see pieces in their current condition – with scratches, fabric tears and stains. Inspect it carefully, because here, it’s “buyer beware.”

Remanufactured office furniture is closer to refurbished furniture than as is furniture would be. However, this class of furniture has been comprehensively repaired. Broken pieces are fixed, seat padding is replaced and loose sections are repaired and tightened. In addition, you may receive a limited warranty for the furniture when you buy it.

Pros and Cons of Refurbished Office Furniture

º You’ll save money. In fact, you may save as much as 50 percent as compared to buying new furniture.

º You won’t have to wait for a long time between ordering and receiving your shipment of furniture. It’s available now, so as soon as you are ready to receive your new furniture, it can be delivered.

º If you buy refurbished, you may be able to apply and qualify for LEED points.

º You’re helping the environment by keeping used furniture out of the landfill.

º What you get may not be a perfect fit for your company. You may not get the exact colors you want.

º You may not get a warranty. In short, “what you see is what you get.”

º Furniture you see in the showroom today may not be available tomorrow. Turnover is rapid, so grab what you like immediately.

º You need to know and trust the entity (manufacturer, used furniture outlet or another company) that is selling the furniture to you.

Where to Find Refurbished Furniture for Your Office

You have several options from which to choose:
º A used furniture vendor.

º Office supply store that sells a small stock of furniture.

º Office furniture store that deals in used, refurbished and remanufactured furniture.

Come talk to our office furniture experts at Cubicle World and we’ll help you find the refurbished furniture pieces that will best fit your needs. Browse office furniture when you know you’re ready to buy.

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