How Do Acoustic Panels Increase Productivity?

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February 28, 2019
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We at Cubicle World know how important it can be for you to block out environmental noise for optimal concentration and productivity, and that’s why we carry acoustic panels for your use just about anywhere.  We carry many different styles of acoustic panels to suit a variety of needs.  Because sound is happening all around us and reflecting off of objects into various spaces, it only makes sense that we would carry acoustic panels that can be used throughout your building and on any surface of your space.  Depending on the nature of your space and your sense of style, we have acoustic panels that can mount to walls, hang from ceilings, or simply mount to floors or work surfaces in the form of our free-standing models.  Our panels can help to acoustically enhance your space in a variety of applications.

Our acoustic panels are designed to both dampen sound in your space and also enhance its aesthetic quality via many sizes, shape, and color options.  These panels are excellent in places that generate lots of noise when all their users want is peace and quiet.  It could be that the space in question is comprised of a lot of hard surfaces that continuously reflect sound, generating unwanted echo and reverberation.  Busy offices, especially when they have an open-concept layout can be particularly problematic for employees who need to keep on task with little distraction.  Acoustic panels can be placed between workstations for this very reason while adding a bit of texture to a desk-laden landscape.  

You can also opt for our wall-mounted or hanging acoustic panels as your solution for when you want to maintain the openness of your floor plan while still controlling unwanted noise and echo.  Wall-mounted panels can help clarify conversation in a restaurant while enhancing its visual appeal through deliberate choice of color, size, and arrangement of each paneling element.  A hanging acoustic panel can add the perfect splash of color, or colors, throughout the hallways and classrooms of schools K-12 and beyond. 

Recording and rehearsal studios are naturally dependent on clarity and quality of sound.  Whether in a professional studio or at home, wall-mounted acoustic panels are perfect for improving recordings by greatly reducing echo and reverberations.  You can also use movable free-standing partitions to help balance audio.  Even unrecorded sessions can benefit from wall-mounted acoustical partitions in a dedicated jam space.
The wall-mounted acoustic panels from Cubicle World provide a beautiful and stylish way to suppress sound in your space.  Made in the U.S.A., these acoustically superior panels have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.65, excellent for dampening sound and reverberations in any space you mount them in. 

A highly durable FR701 acoustical fabric makes up the first layer of one of these acoustic panels.  If you’re familiar with the premium fabric room dividers we carry, you can expect this to be the same well-engineered material delivering the same excellent degree of acoustical performance and noise absorption.  The acoustic panel’s second layer consists of 100% recyclable 2000 gram density non-woven polyester which is just as effective in blocking and controlling sound as the fiberglass foam that’s often used in other products.  The non-woven nature of this polyester helps to ensure the dampening of noise.  A third layer is a sound trap in the form of a rigid mineral board honeycomb.  For the best results in sound-dampening, consider covering 15-20% of the square footage of your space. 

Wall-mounted acoustic panels are very lightweight, making them a cinch to move around and apply to surfaces with no extra help needed.  They can quickly and easily mount to any wall with the help of durable adhesive foam strips.  Just press the panel in place once the adhesive liner’s been removed.  These acoustic panels are available in two heights of 2’ and 4’, as well as two available widths of 1’ and 2’.  On top of that, these panels are available in over 20 acoustical fabric color choices.  These panels are a perfect option for when you want an elegant, no-fuss way to control noise and reverberation without utilizing precious floor space to do it.  The acoustic panels are probably best suited to grace the walls of boardrooms, schools, theaters, studios, and offices.  

Mixing and matching these wall-mounted acoustic panels can yield almost 200 possible combinations, any one of them imbuing your space with your unique style and vision.  Try designing a configuration of these panels in the colors of your business logo at the office, or even the school colors of an educational facility.  Try combinations of these panels to create geometric works of art large or small.  There’s no reason not to add a sense of beauty and fun to the usefulness of your wall-mounted acoustic panels.

Cubicle World also carries hanging acoustic panels, which provide extra noise control while also adding an interesting and dynamic touch of style to your space.  As the hanging counterpart to our wall-mounted acoustic panels, they’re also constructed of FR701 acoustical fabric and ecologically-friendly 100% recyclable 2000 gram density non-woven polyester.  They have a 0.65 NRC rating just like our wall-mounted option. 

Due to their method of mounting, these hanging acoustic panels can be a perfect option for when you need to minimize excessive reverberation yet you just don’t have room on the ground to spare for freestanding panels, or for a wall-mounted option isn’t available.  These ceiling-mounted panels would be good choices for controlling the acoustics in auditoriums and theaters, large office spaces, and high-ceilinged hallways.  Office conference rooms, restaurants, and home studios can use hanging acoustic panels as well. 

Just like our wall-mounted variant, you can also get our hanging acoustic panels in over twenty color options, which can speak to the particular style of your space and even reinforce the branding of your business in an office setting.  Along with their visually interesting hanging-flag formation, ceiling-mounted acoustic panels can look beautiful, particularly while alternating in color down long, otherwise boring corridors, such as those in an educational building.  The built-in eyelets in each panel let you use the mounting hardware of your choice.  These hanging panels are available in heights of 22” and 47”, as well as two available widths of 11” and 22”.

We also have high-density acoustical panels, which quickly and easily mount to the walls of your space.  These acoustic panels are made from fibers of 100% polyester, offering excellent sound dampening in spaces that are prone to a lot of traffic and noise, particularly spaces with a lot of hard surfaces like drywall, tiling, brick, and metal ductwork.  Schools, offices, board rooms, studios, and theaters are good locations for using these high-density acoustic panels.  

Available in multiple sizes and unique shapes, you can create a visually appealing design with these modern and stylish acoustic panels.  With your choice of squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and hexagons, the possibilities are nearly endless.  We have four sophisticated color choices of beige, black, cloud gray, and navy blue.  Along with being incredibly lightweight and therefore easy to handle and move, high-density acoustic panels are also mold- and moisture-proof, ecologically friendly, and fire resistant.  

Our freestanding acoustic panels add a unique touch to your floor space… or desk space, depending on what you’re looking for.  Our 55” high by 24” wide free-standing floor-mounted acoustical panel adds a beautiful and even sculptural depth to your space, all while providing superior sound absorption and preventing soundwave penetration from other parts of the building.  This floor-mounted acoustic panel can be a stylish barrier between two adjacent office workspaces, or you can place several of them near a door or opening to control sound emanating through it.  The stable and lightweight anodized aluminum frame supports an outer layer of acoustical fabric, while the core is made up of 20mm 2000 gram density 100% recyclable non-woven polyester.  

A desktop privacy panel is another freestanding acoustic panel option we carry which mounts to a desk or other work surface.  In this way, you can quickly turn your open office desk into a cubicle-like semi-private workstation in a flash.  Noise reduction for concentration at one’s desk is not only important in an office setting but in a school setting as well.

Instructors can use these desktop acoustic panels to keep students focused on optimal performance during exams while also deterring cheating.  These panels can also be featured at libraries where common study spaces such as large tables invite more possible noise and distraction.  They’re made of an acoustical 100% recyclable non-woven polyester core and are available as either a free-standing variant or one that requires an edge clip.  Individual desktop acoustic panels can also be connected together with panel links. 

Here at Cubicle World, we can always provide you with excellent acoustical furnishings for your place of business, even when it’s at its noisiest.  With so many options to choose from, you can call us for a free consultation so we can get started in finding you the exact acoustic panel system that’s perfect for your space, whether wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or free-standing.  With all the orders you place, shipping is 100% free.  Don’t hesitate to call us today at (713) 412-3090!

Acoustic Panels For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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