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Affordable OFfice Cubicles For Sale In Katy, Texas
August 3, 2016

Now that you’ve decided to buy office cubicles for your office staff and managers, you need to know a few things. First, your staff will be working in spaces that are smaller than traditional private offices; second, even though cubicles are much smaller, they can still meet the needs of your employees – you have a range of cubicle choices; third, cubicles, though they are smaller, still give your staff members benefits; fourth, you can find an office furniture store that will deliver and install your cubicles.

Figure Out What You Need

Determine the numbers. Will you and your managers also occupy cubicles? If so, add this number to the number of staff members. Figure out what cubicle styles you’ll be needing. For instance, call center employees won’t need the same amount of space that a human resources employee or manager would need.

Next, figure out what options you’ll need for the cubicles, such as fabric cubicle partitions or glass, extenders for your cubicles, work surfaces, shelving or overhead storage bins, file cabinets and task lighting. Each of these will be needed by all or some of your employees at some time during the work day.

Know What Cubicle are, How They Meet Your Needs

The cubicle is a much smaller, semi-enclosed office space. Cubicles have divider partitions that can be five or six feet high, giving your staffers a certain level of privacy from each other.

Now that you know that every cubicle comes with certain features, you’ll be able to pick and choose according to what your employees have told you they need. Some will need more storage space than others; some will need the bare minimum, giving them minimal storage space, workspace and task lighting.

You may decide to order glass cubicle dividers instead of fabric dividers. As long as the cubicles you order meet the needs of every member of your staff, you should be good.

Learn the Benefits of Office Cubicles

The benefits are many. Even though you and your staff won’t be in private offices anymore, you’ll still be able to get your work done. Benefits include economy. By using cubicles, you’ll be able to save on the expense of individual office spaces, furniture and storage for the furniture you won’t be using. Even though they are so small, cubicles have plenty of storage in the overhead bin and in the drawers included in each one.

Department members who are working on a mutual project will be able to work closely with each other without leaving their “offices” to do so.

Installation is efficient when you hire furniture experts to do the work. Once they’ve been installed, the same experts can help you reconfigure the cubicles if you need this done. Also, it’s easy to move from one area to another. You’ll be able to have sufficient space to walk around.

Learn About Installation and Moving

Installation requires much more than just having the cubicles delivered, un-boxed and placed where you want them. You’ll need to plan carefully with our office furniture expert at Cubicle World so your cubicles will fit the first time.

Order different cubicle designs for different departments and make sure each cubicle has been designed to meet each employee’s needs. Our furniture experts can help with this. Check out our cubicles when you’re ready! Then, Contact us for help.

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