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Movable Office Partitions
October 21, 2019
Portable Modern Office Partitions – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

Cubicle World’s portable modern office partition is a sliding panel that expands up to 7′ long. Choose from heights of 5’10”, 6’8″, and 7’4″ tall (without wheels), or heights of 6′, 6’10”, and 7’6″ with wheels. This portable partition uses a sliding device, allowing each panel to slide open or closed in a telescoping manner, having a straight configuration regardless of the length.

Building an instant wall is easy with our sliding office partition. These moderately priced room dividers combine all of our top-of-the-line benefits, such as sound-dampening acoustical panels, lightweight aluminum frame structure, and 3-year warranty. Each aluminum panel is joined through a novel cast aluminum corner joint offering excellent toughness and stability. Our office partition slides with aluminum covers offer years of smooth operation.

Our panels are also fully-tackable, making these attractive portable art walls for schools or portable signage displays for selected areas. We alternately offer long-lasting polycarbonate plastic panels, which are both spray-cleanable and fashionable.

Use as a portable privacy screen for purposes such as nursing stations, vaccination areas,  meetings or testing areas, and more. Ideal for on-the-spot use as a sliding room divider in apartments, homes, schools, and offices, our sliding room partition is the most dependable reasonably priced privacy partition in the market today.

Our Polycarbonate panels also provide different levels of transparency, allowing you to appreciate the privacy of a room divider while maintaining some visibility beyond the partition.

Partitions Ships fully assembled. For a folding style version of this room divider, check out our (Folding) Portable Partition.

You can always depend on Cubicle World to help you every step of the way in selecting office furniture for your business, and choosing the right sliding room divider for your office space and partitioning needs is no exception. We don’t just offer free consultations, or space planning services as you might need them; we also offer free shipping on any of the products you order from us, at any time! Give us a call today!

Portable Modern Office Partitions – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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