Are Cubicles More Productive?

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July 1, 2019

Over the course of many years, studies of the workplace have discussed how the office shapes the productivity of a company and the happiness of its workers for better or worse, and whether or not cubicles are more productive can easily fit into this discussion.

At Cubicle World, we naturally put our faith in cubicles and the positive effects they can have on workflow and business operations. Yet we still believe that they can be detrimental in certain cases. The key is not to determine WHETHER cubicles are more productive, but instead to determine WHICH are productive within the context of your company’s particular needs.

One of the first things to take into account is not your future cubicle but your own current company. A thorough assessment of what you do, how you do it, and who’s doing it with you is a major part of acquiring the right cubicles that help you get the job done. Seeing cubicles as tools that can make that happen can be the best way to navigate the overwhelmingly diverse world of modular workstations.

With our full-fledged fabrication facility located in Northwest Houston, we can show you just how cubicles are more productive. We can tap into our extensive supply chain to bring you a workstation that carries all the features necessary for your company’s workflow while easily staying under your budget, thanks to our access to thousands of competitively-priced materials.

Productivity is often affected by a number of things, including level of worker concentration, physical and emotional comfort, and accessibility of resources. Probably the first most crucial characteristics of a productive workspace is the ability for an employee to concentrate. People who work in a large office or even just a room in their own home can be bombarded by sounds of all kinds, both inside and outside of the building.

One of the ways that cubicles are more productive is through their use of partitions. For some workers, noise may not be a problem or they can wear headphones as a way to drown it out. For others who are affected, there’s no other choice but to suffer through the distractions. Cubicle partitions can help relieve them mainly through how they’re sized and the material used to compose them. Fabric is a highly popular and relatively inexpensive material that can be known for its high acoustical performance depending, especially with how its layered with other materials.

The sound absorption assures that much less traveling sound reaches one’s personal workspace. The height of the partitions can play a role in the way cubicles are more productive as well. With low-set partitions walls, sound vibrations can easily carry through the air to reach you. As the wall height increases, a greater surface area can contend with surrounding noise more easily. Glass inserts running along the top of the partitions can still give some protection from noise while also allowing light to filter into the space.

Physical and emotional comfort is another big factor in determining whether cubicles are more productive. These can be maximized in several ways. Personal privacy tends to give a worker a feeling of individuality. Especially for introverted employees, a lack of workspace partitions can lead to feelings of vulnerability and a discomfort from while reducing the stress that comes with being visually vulnerable to the sight of coworkers and supervisors. Aside from noise control, opaque partitions can also be useful to give an employee more sense of privacy.

Cubicles are more productive when they can integrate healthful elements into their everyday use. The ergonomic design of workstation elements and other features can not only make work more accessible to the user but also reduce physical stresses that can build up over time. It can be tough on the body to move, reach, and stoop at work day after day and can lead to serious injury as well as mental fatigue, so it’s extremely important to make sure that cubicle elements are appropriately positioned to keep the workstation easily navigable when possible. This includes variable-height desktops, highly adjustable ergonomic chairs, and easy-to-reach storage features such as binder trays, file cabinets, tack boards, and tool rails.

If cubicles are more productive, then that is only maximized with their strategic placement in the workplace, taking into account both physical parameters and the work needs of the company’s employees. That’s why you should never overlook the opportunity to employ a professional with experience in space planning, which also hinges on the intricacies of your specific company.

Our president and founder Jerry Mogyorody has cultivated a strong background in space planning for years, covering everything from the design of high-density filing storage systems to the integration of private and open workspaces to create blended office design schemes. Additionally, our experts at Cubicle World can provide these services to you for free and with no obligation to buy. We make sure to assess your company and employees, along with any existing furniture so that we can get to work on a design scheme that integrates the perfect cubicles for your office space.

Come to Cubicle World, where we can prove to you that with the right choice for your office, cubicles are more productive. With a free consultation, we can help to guide you based on the unique needs of your business as well as your employees. Give us a call today and don’t forget that shipping is always free with every order you place!

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