Bullet Resistant Shields Provide Safety To Schoolchildren

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March 12, 2019
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Today we must think of how portable room dividers play a role not just in dividing spaces for more efficient use in the home and workplace, but also how it can provide adequate safety to schoolchildren as a bullet-resistant shield. There’s never an easy way to bring up a subject as sensitive as mass shootings, particularly those that target our nation’s children as the main victims.

However, the terrifying thought of an active shooter entering any of our schools at any time and opening fire has all too often become reality. Parents, educators, and school administrators alike should work to employ any measures that ensure our children’s future, and we at Cubicle World stand behind this cause as we gear up to make bullet-resistant shields available to address these growing safety needs.

While defensive solutions against active shooters already exist, they tend mostly to be geared toward government buildings, offices, and banks, and often in the form of cubicles.

Being the first of its kind, this bullet resistant shield is designed particularly for rapid deployment in educational settings. From the perspective of any unsuspecting viewer, this partition’s unassuming nature makes it look no different from the standard sliding room dividers we normally carry.

Naturally, it also fulfills the same role as its less protective counterparts: separating lesson space from various activity spaces, offering noise control of its surroundings while an exam is in progress, providing a space for student presentations, art, and other creations, and many other space-partitioning possibilities.

However, this bullet resistant shield springs into action immediately in the face of threat. It can be deployed by an instructor as a protective shield in 8 to 10 seconds to reach its maximum width of just under 20 feet. It can also easily be rolled into and out of storage on dual-wheel low-profile casters while being collapsible down to a thickness of 33 inches. To keep it in place, this bullet resistant shield features 3” casters that lock at its full-sized end panels, which were designed for stability.

The bullet resistant shield lives up to its name with ARMAT ballistic material that has been tested and certified by independent Ballistic Laboratories under the National Institute of Justice Standard NIJ0108.01. The IIIA designation of the initial bullet resistant shield, with patent pending, refers to its ability to withstand multiple impacts from .44 magnum and 9mm ammunition.

As mentioned earlier, this bullet resistant shield is designed to resemble its acoustical fabric counterparts that one would already see in the classroom. While the acoustical fabric still offers great sound-dampening qualities perfect for a school setting, in place of the usual sound-absorbing honeycomb backing, a layer of the ARMAT ballistic material has been integrated. Like our traditional room dividers, the fabric of our bullet resistant shield is available in 24 colors.

The aluminum frame construction that supports the acoustical fabric and ballistic material is safe and sturdy, unlike many outdated steel partitions you may come across right now. The key to this sliding bullet resistant shield’s expandability is the telescoping hinge, which keeps this partition on a straight course, no matter which width you specify.

While the only available height option is 6’8”, our portable bullet resistant shield is available in four possible widths–7’2”, 11’3”, 15’6”, and 19’9”–with the number of panels changing accordingly. Therefore it has no trouble blocking doorways as a protective measure. The only height option available is 6’8”.

As our collective sense of daily security is threatened and our centers for learning gradually plagued with gun violence, it’s the duty of all citizens to keep our children safe and happy as they strive to become this nation’s future. This is why we are excited to provide a bullet resistant shield that can give students, instructors, and administrators a change to protect themselves in some of the darkest times faced by our nation.

Each bullet resistant shield is custom made to order and must undergo testing to comply with the standards of the National Institute of Justice. Expect delivery within 4-8 weeks from when you place your order. Contact Cubicle World for a free consultation where we can provide more information as well as guide you through your selections. With every order you place, we guarantee you that shipping is free. Give Cubicle World a call today at (713) 412-3090!

Bullet Resistant Shields – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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