Tips On How To Buy Cubicles for New Hires

Tips On How To How To Buy Cubicles At A Discount Direct From The Manufacturer Prices
March 14, 2018

After a long hiring freeze, a company is often stressed when it begins to grow and hire new people again.  There never seems to be enough space, no matter what the circumstances are. Even after a period of attrition, there seems to be less room in the office than there was before the layoff.  Adding new people back to the staff presents a challenge no matter how many people previously left. Companies do not always hire identical replacements for former employees. Job descriptions change as times change, so hiring new people often requires an organization to buy cubicles for these new hires.    

This is why Cubicle World began to offer free space plans with every quote several years ago.  At that time, a spike in gas prices caused many Houston companies to lay off thousands of workers.  Many of these businesses had to move into smaller offices, either donating or selling their used office furniture so they could fit into smaller quarters while they rode out the economic storm.  Cubicle World began to buy cubicles from select customers at that time and also launched our office furniture liquidation program to help Houston companies who were downsizing earn a little tax break.  Then, to help our customers transition smoothly into their new work spaces, we began to provide them with free office design drawings.

Office design drawings do a lot more that simply show you how to get the most out of your floor plan.  They help you visualize your workflow so you can clearly see the relationships between individual employees and different departments.  These drawings also detail workstation features and accessories so you can buy cubicles that directly support task completion on an individual level.  We own our own factory, so we are able to personalize each cubicle system to fit the unique job requirements of currently open positions. This allows HR managers to plan procurement ahead of time and have new workstations installed and ready before the start date of each new hire.

Working with these plans has made it far easier for Cubicle World customers to buy cubicles that actually fit their existing spaces and fully accommodate the workflow demands of human resources.  Like anything else in life, a little bit of planning goes a long way toward saving money and maximizing ROI. As companies now begin to bounce back from the most recent round of attrition, Cubicle World stands ready to help Houston companies maximize both space and labor as the economy in our city continues to pick up.  Call Cubicle World now for a free office space plan drawing, and buy cubicles designed to support your future growth and profitability.

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