Buy Office Cubicles Online By Cubicle World

Buy Office Cubicles Online By Cubicle World
October 14, 2019

Are you looking to buy office cubicles to encourage collaboration and increase productivity? Having some clear cut rules can help keep your office operating smoothly and limit office disputes or employee discontent. The rules should be fair and applied even-handedly, and exceptions built-in with an opportunity of planning in case certain staff need specialized needs due to medical reasons or disability.

When going from a conventional open office layout to a new cubicle style office, several things will have to change about office behavior. The feel of an office outfitted with cubicles is very different than one that holds traditional office furniture.

Below Are Four Simple Rules To Follow When Setting Up A New Cubicle Workspace.

1. Set Rules About Food In Cubicles. 
An out-and-out ban might not be the solution (particularly if you have a diabetic on your payroll) but having hot liquids, steaming or smelly foods in the break room is a reasonable request – make sure you DO have a good place for employees to unwind and eat their lunch.

2. Set Rules About Music. 
Earbuds or headphones may be the best alternative if some employees need music to improve their thoughts and others need silence. Remember, cubicle walls are thin and tempers can get short.

3. Set Rules About Decor
You want your office space to look professional, but you also want each employee to have a feeling of ownership of their space. Clearly define what is and is not OK in your office.

4.Set Rules About Bothering People. 
it may seem funny to mention, but some people truly do understand that certain people may truly need the bulk of their work hours to be focused on work. You could hand out a simple poster-board sign for each employee that is green on one side and red on the other to indicate if they can or cannot be disturbed. Make sure everyone has access to email in case they need to convey information or ask a question if the person they need to speak with is unavailable.

It may take a little trial and error to find the right tone, but hopefully, these fundamental rules will help those working in your new office cubicle workspace to find a balance. Contact us today.

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