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August 29, 2018

Simply stated, you should buy office cubicles from Cubicle World because we can supply you with anything you want at a price that you can afford. Unlike many of our competitors, we operate two major divisions of our business. One division is a standard, retail office furniture showroom where you can select cubicles and office furniture from over 500 leading manufacturers. The other division is a fully operational factory and refurbishing center. This division builds custom workstations that you can buy directly from the shop without having to pay a retail distributor markup.

We cannot thank our employees enough for helping us operate one of the most efficient cubicle manufacturing sites in the country. With thousands of suppliers, our team can source materials at a variety of price points that allow any organization of any size to buy office cubicles at a price point they can afford. With decades of combined experience in cubicle design, assembly, repair, and refurbishing, our Cubicle World factory team can rapidly assemble and deliver workstations to an entire floor of a building. Owning our own fleet of trucks enables us to deliver our products turnkey anywhere in the country. We can also handle office moves, so please let us know if you are planning a relocation.

Another reason to buy office cubicles from Cubicle World is our expertise in cubicle refurbishing and office furniture repair. Many startup companies begin with a limited budget that is best served by an initial investment in reconditioned cubicles, desks, reception centers, and conference room furnishings. Our fabrication plan is home to a highly experienced team of reconditioning experts who can make any used product look as good as new. All refurbished furniture is warrantied for a period of at least one year, so periodic repairs that may be necessary are covered in the initial purchase cost.

One final reason to buy all of your office cubicles from Cubicle World is our expertise in ergonomics and space planning. Our company President, Jerry Mogyorody, has studied these disciplines for decades and is considered a premier expert in both. Jerry’s background in high-density filing systems has enabled him to create space-saving solutions that have saved Cubicle World customers hundreds of thousands of dollars on moving costs that were averted by liberating entire sections of office space that were not being correctly utilized. His knowledge of ergonomics has also helped hundreds of companies increase their profits by installing desks and chairs that are designed to eliminate strain on the back, legs, forearms, and wrists. Our customers routinely report that they get more done in Cubicle World workstations simply because they feel comfortable remaining at their stations throughout the day.

Call Cubicle World now and get a free office space plan drawing that will help you buy office cubicles that are ideal for your process flow and optimized for individual production and comfort.

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