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July 14, 2016


ADA Information On Cubicle Workstation Design.

As you begin checking office furniture stores for used cubicles for your call center staff, you may realize that things have changed since you last bought cubicles. First, prices may have jumped. This means you need to budget even more carefully. Of course, prices may have gone up so much that you realize you can’t afford brand-new cubicles. There’s no way you can wait for another year, or even six months, to replace your current workstations. Solution: Buy used!

Know Footprints for Call Center Cubicles

Your call center staff doesn’t need as much room within their cubicles to get their work done. If they handle paperwork at all, it’s a single sheaf of papers and a notepad, rather than reams of paperwork that, at the end of the day, must be filed away neatly.

For this reason, the footprint for call center workstations is much smaller than those for standard-size office cubicles. Compare: Call center cubicles range from two feet by five feet up to five feet by five feet. A four foot by four foot size is also available. In contrast, standard cubicles are six by six feet, six feet by eight feet and even eight feet by eight feet.

Always Ask About Warranty

You are going to be using your cubicles for several years. Some of your workers will give their cubicles rough treatment, so you want to know you’re protected by a lifetime warranty. It doesn’t hurt to ask about extended warranties too, if you decide to extend your protection. Because this is such a significant purchase, it won’t hurt to ask your sales expert for copies of customer testimonials as well.

Know How Many Cubicles Will Fit

Because you have employees who fill other roles, you’ll need to have cubicles that fit their business needs. We’ve already covered call center staff. General staff members will usually fit well, along with their paperwork and equipment, into and eight foot by eight foot cubicle. Engineers and mid-level managers should be assigned to cubicles that are nine feet by 12 feet.

If you have someone create a scale drawing, they will assign each person about 175 useable square feet up to about 325 useable square feet. Don’t forget that your employees need to move around easily. Finally, look at the size of the room where all your cubicles will be placed.

Know What Materials Panels are Made of

What will your cubicle panels be made from? In general, expect them to be made of melamine and laminate. If you need to bring the sound level down in your office, opt for fabric panels. These panels also have the advantage of allowing employees to take documents or even pictures up. If you choose fabric, ask for darker fabric because it will hold up better and last longer.

Don’t forget about replacing broken panels. If they suffer damage, you need to be able to pull them out and replace them with new panels. Also, you don’t have to worry about removing an entire row or pod of cubicles. Just replace the broken panel, throwing the old one away.

Opt for Ergonomic

Cubicles should be made according to ergonomic materials that allow for easy, stress-free movement from one area to the other. If your employees can’t reach what they need, they’re at higher risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or other conditions. Ask our furniture experts about ergonomic adjustments to the cubicles you choose. Browse our cubicles and choose used rather than new.

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