Can High Cubicle Walls Increase Productivity?

High Cubicle Wall Sales
November 5, 2020

Glass inserts installed to the tops of fabric-covered tall wall cubicle panels can add a certain amount of comfort and bring light to the production setting. Complete cubicle panels made from glass will make the office space and cubicles appear more open to clients that come in. workers feel more energized and enjoy coming to work.

Businesses with unusual office furniture requirements like tall office cubicles with doors can turn to Cubicle World for custom solutions that fit perfectly to your office space. A high wall glass cubicle with a door adds a component of privacy and provides a traditional office-like setting. It’s a good way to resolve a privacy issue within your company

Can you believe the image above is a tall wall office cubicle with a door? Most people do not realize this is a modular cubicle workstation. This is because tall wall cubicles with a glass sliding door resemble and feel like a private office. We create a 100% enclosed space that allows the hard-working expert to operate undisturbed. 

One of the most objections employees have about office cubicles is that they are open on one side, permitting anyone to interrupt the user while they are working. Tall wall cubicle panels with sliding doors deter other workers from interrupting you when you are busy and need to focus. High cubicle walls also offer exceptional insulation against background noise in the office and offer workers a more focused and productive environment.

Unforanetly, many companies do not want cubicles with sliding doors because they incorrectly believe that the price of high wall glass cubicles cost a lot more than standard fabric-covered cubicle panels. A lot of people are surprised to know that the cost of these cubicle workstations is easy to scale to funds by correctly determining the right materials. In the picture above, we see cubicle high wall panels composed of glass partitions. While glass partition panels do have a higher price point, Cubicle World uses transparent glass for the walls in this workstation, which costs a lot less than frosted glass. This extra feeling of privacy is ideal for employees working with highly classified data.

The appeal for high wall glass cubicles with sliding doors is almost as different as there are job classifications. A number of our customers now purchase private glass office cubicles with doors for their sales team members because sales specialists spend a great deal of time on the telephone. When you have four or more salesman speaking to customers at the same time, even a small company will begin to sound like a call center where you can hear four or five discussions in the background. With the addition of a sound damping glass door, we can prevent these discussions so that both the salesman and the customer can hear the discussion

If you are interested in purchasing high wall glass office cubicles with sliding doors, start with a free custom space planning and design that will plot out the number, location, and size to fit your workspace. Cubicle World can help you select the right materials that will fit your budget, and we will build your workstations in our cubicle factory. We own our fleet of trucks, so shipping and installation never cost you anything extra. Contact us today.

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