Can Office Cubicle Panels Increase Productivity And ROI?

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September 4, 2019

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Are you moving your office to a new location? Larger or smaller? Or you are trying to discover a way to maximize your existing office space? you will likely need to purchase new office cubicle panels and systems furniture. Odds-on you may not be up to date. There are many ways you can save money when buying new office cubicle panels. You can maximize office space, while at the same time keep employees happy and enhance workplace productivity.

Office Cubicle Panels Maximizes Hard Wall Office Space

If you are coming out of a hard wall office into space where you will use office cubicle panels. Then you will need to set up the new work area, to get precisely the same size as those already being used. This is not true. An office cubicle is more efficient than a conventional desk. A credenza setup can give you more office workspace in a tiny part of the size of a standard office. For example, a 10’x12′ office with a 36″x72″ desk and a 22″x72″ credenza equates to the same square footage of work-space as an 8’x8′ office cubicle or even a 6’x8′ U group.

Building a hard wall office costs more money than an open floor plan that uses office cubicle panels. A hard wall office needs more floor space than its footprint may suggest. When wall thickness and hallways are also taken into account. By using office cubicle panels, more staff can be moved into a smaller space (smaller space equals to reduce rent). And they can still provide the same amount of work-space that they would have had in hard wall offices.

Use Smaller Office Cubicles To Maximize Office Space

You may be starting with a floor plan that uses 8’x8′ office cubicle panels. If you reduce these spaces to 6’x8′, and you are working with a leased square footage rate averaging $25, you can save $400 per year per worker on rent. Although, this does not mean that you will be putting your staff in less comfortable office cubicle panels, which could loss of productivity in the working conditions. There are a lot of ways to maximize the revised space to be used to its fullest, and you can wind up with more workable space in the smaller office cubicle than you had previously.

Office Cubicle Panels – Free Layout Design – 713-412-3090

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