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Wholesale Commercial Office Cubicles For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Save You Money Today
March 30, 2018

Have you ever wondered how much commercial office cubicles actually cost office furniture supplier? Because dealers have to make a profit on each sale, the cost is always lower for them than it is for you.  When you buy from many office furniture suppliers, you have to cover the cost of this markup and often pay for shipping and installation too. Sometimes the total price comes to almost twice the original factory cost that the dealer paid in the beginning.

It’s not like that when you purchase workstations from Cubicle World.  We own a factory in Northwest Houston that specializes in selling direct to companies in every vertical market.  Cubicle World has always believed that businesses should be able to buy commercial office cubicles at reasonable prices they can afford.  We see no need for working with distributors and dealers who do little more for the customer than charge them more. We invested in our own showroom several years ago, and we purchased our own trucks and insured them to deliver anywhere in the United States.  

The advantages of buying commercial office cubicles directly from the factory do not stop with savings.  Time is also something you save when you work with Cubicle World. We begin with a space plan for your facility that details the locations and dimensions of commercial office cubicles.  This layout is custom to your operations, processes, and workflow completion and serves as a guide for our design team.

Each workstation is constructed to support specific types of jobs with unique tasks requirements.  We build cubicles for accounting, management, sales, customer support, and administrative staff. We build as much storage into these systems as possible so employees do not have to continually leave their seats to go fetch supplies.  We also provide your team with 8-hour rated ergonomic chairs that make it possible to remain seated throughout the workday.

You can have commercial workstations customized with any number of accessories such as glass panel inserts, shelving, tack boards, and panel whiteboards.  Cubicles can also be fitted with doors, and panels can be made from fabric, laminate, or wood veneer. Virtually any style you want can be readily built in our factory.  By carefully choosing the right materials, we can keep costs within your budget and still fulfill your requests.

Shipping and installation are always free when you work with Cubicle World.  Our trucks go nationwide, and we do not leave your office until your commercial office cubicles are fully assembled and the area is thoroughly cleaned.  We can deliver after hours and on weekends provided your building manager grants us access to your office. Call today to start with a free office space plan, and let’s start designing new workstations for your company that will improve your workflow with a level of comfort and focus your staff has yet to experience.   

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