Computer Cubicle Design

August 6, 2019

Effective computer cubicle design takes these changes into account. Rather than supporting the machine itself, these workstations are designed to support what the end-user does with the machine. For example, most customer service or sales representatives are not going to spend most of their time in some type of CRM that allows them to manage customer contacts. Because many CRM’s are either cloud-based or stored on a local network server, the workflow requirements of these employees are not determined by the physical computer hardware on their desks. Rather, the workflow is determined by the processes of the CRM. Getting the possible workstations for these employees requires the expertise of a computer cubicle designer who understands how to support process and task completion.

Cubicle World is that manufacturer. Our founder, Jerry Mogyorody, has exceptional adaptive intelligence. He has always been able to identify key changes in the marketplace sooner rather than later. Early in his career as a high-density filing expert, Jerry saw how technology and the emerging Internet would completely change the business world in only a few short years. Jerry was ahead of this curve and had already opened Cubicle World long before information storage became primarily electronic. He brought with him, however, his expertise in space management and data storage. This has enabled him to design computer cubicles that are exceptionally unique, practical, and aesthetically superior to those of his competitors.

For example, Jerry does a very good job of concealing electrical power sources within the cubicle structure. Because many people work with a smaller desktop—and sometimes even work with a laptop—the workstation does not need multiple plugs and cut-outs for electrical wires. Phones are mostly VoIP now, requiring only a data connection to a computer or computer jack to work. They do not require a separate, physical phone jack, so there is no need to cut out a piece of the desk or panel because these newer phones do not have separate phone cords like the older analog phones used. A computer cubicle design-build with newer phones in mind only needs to provide enough desk area for the phone to plug into the same data line that the desktop or the laptop uses to connect to the Internet.

Computer cubicles can be even smaller than this is the employee is not using a desk phone. Many organizations are using softphones now instead of physical telephones. These special software apps work just like physical telephones, but they use the Internet to talk. All a CSR needs to do is to plug a pair of headphones into his or her laptop and start making calls with the software. A workstation custom-built for this type of inside sales or customer service is going to be much smaller because it requires only one outlet to power a small computer that basically does everything that a small office did 40 years ago.

This bears out the point that as technology continues to change, what a business needs will continue to change. Computer cubicle design will have to adapt to these changes in order to fully support workers engaged in increasingly complex and in-depth customer experience. Ergonomics play a major role in cubicle design now, because CSR’s must spend more time with each customer, and they must be able to sit comfortably at their stations for longer periods of time.

While this may sound overwhelmingly complicated, it really isn’t when you work with Cubicle World. Jerry is always on top of the newest technology and knows how to design computer cubicles without making the cost too high. He owns his own factory, makes his cubicles from scratch to custom dimensions, and owns a fleet of shipping vehicles while still maintaining prices far below his competitors.

Call him today about workstations that will effectively support your processes even as your technology continues to upgrade.

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