Contemporary Office Cubicles Increases Efficiency And Cost Effectiveness

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April 22, 2019
If you’re looking for a way to beautify your workstation as you seek to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the workplace, Cubicle World offers contemporary office cubicles for every kind of business and to support a diverse array of working styles on an individual level.

If you’ve never used office cubicles before, you may at first be a little cynical. Much of the public can be set off by the words, thinking of the office cubicles from just a few decades ago—bland and bulky, inefficient in their use of space, terrible task lighting, and of course, and of course the sense of isolation that users experienced. With contemporary office cubicles, however, this isn’t the case.

Instead, today’s spaces as defined by cubicles can have a look that’s completely modern, exciting, sleek, and beautiful. In short, we can bring your business and office into the 21st century, and we can do it with contemporary office cubicles. That doesn’t mean turning away from the features of traditional cubicles. It means expanding the vocabulary of the workstation.

With contemporary office cubicles, today’s users can design a workspace that responds and supports their specific workflow needs and preferences to keep up with the demands of the modern age. These workstations are hardly a one-size-fits-all solution. Almost every element and feature can be customized to bring you a workstation that balances aesthetics, functionality, comfort, affordability, and quality construction.

Desks of all shapes are possible with contemporary office cubicles, whether rectangular, curved, or designed with a variety of angles. The desk surface can be natural solid wood, or it can be a more cost-effective alternative composed of wood veneers or laminate.

Glass or plexiglass is available, as well as sturdy melamine. Metals of all kinds and styles can you’re your contemporary office cubicle an industrial tone to your office space if you like. Surface corners can be rounded or fileted as well as traditionally sharp. Desk surfaces can be sturdy melamine.

Color is an important aspect of any interior space, whether in the privacy of your own home or in a place of business. Contemporary office cubicles, by how they use certain colors, can both excite or calm employees as well as visitors.

Naturally, bright colors that are highly saturated impart and encourage a sense of energy, and this could work well in the contemporary office cubicles of business startups, especially those in younger, more dynamic fields. Think graphic and architectural design or technology. Muted, less saturated colors can soothe users, especially in such places as health care lobbies or massage parlors.

Workflow is always an important consideration in the design of your workstation and it’s one of the big reasons that we encourage your use of contemporary office cubicles. This is because workflow—that is, how a business does business—is a big factor in a company’s productivity and success.

Not only can workflow change from business to business, but within each business is a range of individual approaches to it. Workflow can set a number of parameters when designing a contemporary office cubicle. You may want low partitions to give a sense of openness and collaboration to the office. Perhaps you want to encourage concentration and focus in employees to complete individual tasks, in which case higher partitions can be utilized in your contemporary office cubicles.

With the image above, you can see how beautiful contemporary office cubicles can be. It’s clearly a far cry from the bulk of cubicles that existed several decades ago. There are numerous ways you can brighten up your office. From the upbeat material combination of light-colored woodgrain finish and contemporary pure white, you can wind this theme through multiple workstations to symbolize a sense of unity in terms of interior design as well as company culture.

Adding a splash of color can make a bold statement in you’re your contemporary office cubicles, even with the smallest of accents, such as in modesty panels, or even the top surface of your lateral files. The color can convey a certain emotion, such as a calming green or a fiery red, or it can represent company branding. It can even differ from workstation to workstation to add a sense of personal style to each contemporary office cubicle.

You can conceive of your contemporary office cubicle in the L-shaped combination that resembles a simple work desk and credenza. Let the credenza take the bulk of storage duty with such features such as shelving concealed by sliding doors. For an even less cluttered look, minimize lines with full overlay doors and drawers that are outfitted with simple pulls. To add more storage to your contemporary office cubicles without using up floor space, add overhead storage space—essentially a hutch—above your credenza.

While we usually think of the credenza-hutch combination as a wall-backed addition to traditional private office, it acts as a unique partitioning element here. On one hand, the assembly itself provides a barrier to the neighboring workstation, contributing to worker privacy.

Yet the space between the hutch and credenza elements can be left open as a way to connect you to your surroundings and foster a sense of collaboration with colleagues. In the average contemporary office cubicle, this space is used as a type of note board. However, with opening up that space, you can move the note board to another location, in this case as one of the sliding doors in the hutch.

These days, we know better than to leave the employee out of the equation. Study after study has shown the importance of employee happiness and well-being on productivity in the workplace. One of the best ways to make an employee happy at work is to make them comfortable at their own workstation.

That’s another reason contemporary office cubicles are a good investment. They take into account the physical comfort of their users through ergonomic design of all elements of the ensemble. Once a worker stops straining their body through unnatural positioning and poor posture, they can avoid physical and mental fatigue, and much worse. In the end, energy levels increase, the mind stays sharper longer, tasks are more efficiently executed, fewer mistakes are made, and the overall quality of work improves.

Contemporary office cubicles that are ergonomically correct aren’t complete without the addition of an ergonomic chair that suits the individual and strives to maximize physical adjustability. The seat of your chair should change elevation to put you at the right height with the surrounding surfaces of your workstation. At the correct height, the user can work in a relaxed position while sitting and putting as little strain on the muscles as possible.

This feature, when coupled with the adjustable desktop of your contemporary office cubicle, can simultaneously allow you to work at a comfortable desk height while straightening your spine by keeping your feet flat on the floor. Cushions and contouring are strategically located to support your back, with special attention giving to your lumbar spine. Cubicle World carries many 8-hour rated ergonomic chairs for you to choose from, which ensure your physical comfort for the length of a typical workday.

Don’t underestimate the power of contemporary office cubicles by conjuring their past reputations. Let Cubicle World give you guidance in a free consultation at any time to help you find to choose the right contemporary office cubicles for your office.

We also help you re-envision your work space through an inspiring new office layout design. This is a complimentary service that includes drawings featuring your new contemporary office cubicles strategically placed in your own space. We also offer free shipping on any order you place with us. Call Cubicle World today!

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