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December 29, 2016

When you think of cubicles, you may think of long rows of rectangular workstation spaces that, for lack of a better description, melt into the scenery. As much as your employees try to dress up their individual cubicles, nobody can do much with their appearance. While they may have sufficient space and work area, they are just dull. Brown, tan, maybe a light-blue for the fabric on the dividers. As much as you tolerate your current cubicles, you should know that you can actually get excited about working in cubicle-land.

Think About Your Future Plans

Maybe you plan to change up your branding in a year or two. You may want to change the colors to something more modern. How about the color scheme in your office? Why not change that as well, choosing wall and carpet colors that will complement or even contrast well with your branding color scheme?

You may be planning to move to a new office space. If so, then that would be the perfect time to invest in new and even exciting workstations. By doing this at the same time that you move, you’ll be able to create a new environment.

What Do You Want to Create?

If you want to go from safe and staid to daring and eye-catching, you should know that you can do this with new, modern office cubicles. If you’re worried about introducing too many new colors into your office space, set that aside.

It’s possible to choose all-white cubicles for your staff members. This allows your color scheme or even your branding to take center stage. By choosing white cubicles that, by the way, aren’t just rectangles, you give your office a new pizzazz.

Step Away from Bland, Dull and Boring

As you browse through images online, imagine those cubicles in your office. You may not be able to get away from rectangles, but why not add pops of color?

If you can buy cubicles of different shapes, think about cubicles with oval walls that join together to create a gentle, swaying line. Or pods made up of cubicles with rounded stations. Going back to those pops of color, think about white cubicles with divider walls made of colored glass. This way, you can get away from tan, fabric divider walls. Visitors will love what they see!

Create Your Own Office Culture

You aren’t bound by office cubicle “laws” that say every cubicle in every office has to be squared-off and made in dull, boring colors. If your office culture is modern and exciting, shouldn’t your workstations reflect this?

Your business and your employees will benefit when you step out of that safe box and establish a new, eye-catching office culture. If you are interested in doing so, come to our Cubicle World store and take a look at what we have. If you already know what your upcoming plans are, it’s time to set up that new office culture. Begin with beautiful, exciting new cubicles. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and modernize your office.

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