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February 6, 2017


Contemporary Office Cubicles Can Save You Time & Money.

Your office cubicles can make or break workplace productivity. Studies show that the more comfortable employees are in their workspace, the greater their happiness and productivity.

How do achieve this ideal workplace environment? Using modern, well-designed office cubicles can improve the ease of the work processes and day-to-day operations, while delivering greater comfort to employees.

Can a cubicle impact your bottom line?

You may wonder if investing in modern office cubicles will really pay off. Will it result in smoother operations and a more pleasant work environment for all involved? Yes it can, and here’s why – the comfort level of your employees has a ripple effect.

Studies have found that happy and fulfilled employees project a stronger, positive energy through the day, and customers they interact with respond accordingly. So, not only can workers produce more when their workstations are comfortable and inviting, but how they feel each day can actually spill over and affect the customers they interact with.

Here are key components to cubicle comfort and productivity:

  • Cubicles should allow for good lighting. Lighting should not be harsh – but warm and inviting and adequate for completing work with ease.
  • Work spaces should be carefully designed to support a balance of comfort, personal privacy of each employee, and access to coworkers for collaboration.
  • Partitions should separate individual workspaces into areas where each employee can better concentrate on his or her tasks.
  • Cubicles should be attractive and offer good acoustics. Employees should be able to hear their own phone conversations clearly, but not too much from other employees?
  • Innovative storage solutions should add ease and convenience and be built into the workstation to facilitate secure organization – and fast access – to office supplies, special materials, and personal belongings.

Improving your workplace environment delivers ROI

Improving your office’s physical workspace environment can go a long way toward keeping employees happy and comfortable in their job. Happy workers stay with the company (employee retention) and tend to produce a greater quality of work.

How to design the perfect workspace for employees

Trust a professional to help measure and design the ideal configuration for your space. Because workstations are composed a large number of separate components, they can be constructed in a nearly infinite number of configurations and dimensions that readily support team meetings, collaborative design work, research and development, and product assembly.

Happy employees are those who feel comfortable and are given the tools and space they need to get the job done with ease. When an employer takes steps to help everyone be more successful and productive, it makes employees feel valued. Investing in modern office cubes can deliver ROI by facilitating an ideal work environment to support productivity.Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World.

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