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December 12, 2018

Inspire your team with cool office cubicles. Whether it’s modern workstations, adjustable-height standing desks, or workstations that are unique and curved, we can help find a workstation that works for your employees. If you’re a startup or new business, you don’t have to choose between a workstation that’s affordable and one that’s unique. Let us bring you cool office cubicles that represent the best of both worlds.

Don’t confuse cool cubicles with low-quality cubicles. Lots of companies, particularly start-up businesses, don’t care to strain their budget by buying expensive furniture, and there are so many attractive materials and colors to choose from that you can always find something affordable. If you have a business that is creative or progressive, you might like the breeziness and adaptability of cool office cubicles to reflect the flexibility of the creative minds in your office space. Light materials, such as wood veneer and high-pressure laminates, create an upbeat energy in your workplace while also offering sturdiness and durability. Another benefit of veneer or high-pressure laminate cubicles is their wide variety of colors and patterns. The expansive choices in wood grain appearance can give a nice, cozy feel, but if you want to break from tradition, cool office cubicles can take your office to a new level with bright colors that stimulate the senses and awaken the mind.

One form of the cool office cubicle that’s less common, but gaining attention these days, is the adjustable-height sit-stand desk. With this kind of workstation, you can break free from the more traditional cubicle by providing your office employees with the power of choice. That’s because this style of desk is suitable for both preferences in activity levels, from a sedentary mode of work to a more active standing one. Movable partitions can complete the flexibility of these work-spaces by allowing you to cluster and configure personal workstations in any way the team sees fit.

These days, eco-friendliness is a big consideration for many companies, and cool office cubicles can reflect this. Even if you’re a new business, you don’t need to outfit your office space in new cubicles. We specialize not just in custom-designing and manufacturing new cubicles but also refurbishing old cubicles as well. One of the benefits of this is the reduction of massive yearly amounts of waste in the landfill by repairing pre-owned cubicles and presenting them to companies for a portion of the cost for new ones.

If you’re dead-set on real wood, you can always use reclaimed lumber as your cubicle material of choice. However, with the cost of real wood rising and its scarcity is increasing, a high-pressure laminate can be a good, low-cost alternative, essentially consisting of resin-impregnated kraft paper sandwiched between melamine panels under high-temperature and -pressure conditions.

Cool office cubicles aren’t just more expressive and adaptive, they’re also taking more advantage of technology, both new and emerging.
You can customize your office plan with your cool office cubicles by taking advantage of our free-of-charge office design layout services. Call Jerry now, and schedule a courtesy, no-obligation office walk-through, and complimentary space plan.

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