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September 18, 2018

As customer relationship management (CRM) programs become increasingly sophisticated, cubicle computer workstations for technical support staff have become more efficient and affordable. Intuitive interfaces allow CSRs to retrieve customer data, review customer history, and implement solutions in real-time. There is little or no paperwork involved in this process, and a rising number of companies are minimizing escalations by empowering technical support staff to resolve customer issues in a single call. CRMs are often tied to call distribution systems that route calls VOIP to a soft phone extension on the CSR’s computer—eliminating the need for a bulky, cumbersome office phone. Individual printers have also become unnecessary, because any documents that need to be printed are sent to a central copy/print device on the local network.

It follows, therefore, that today’s computer workstations do not need to be as large as their predecessors in the 1990s and early 2000s. With a virtually paperless setup, a small, single filing cabinet, mounted beneath one side of the desk, is all the CSR needs for document storage. Cubicles themselves are also more compact, featuring smaller dimensions and u-shaped desks that allow technical support teams to work with dual monitor displays. Computers themselves have drastically shrunk in size over the past 15 years, so more space can be devoted to multiple monitors and additional devices such as laptops and tablets. Adjustable keyboard trays allow technicians to adjust keyboard heights for maximum ergonomics. Panel-mounted shelving allows support staff to neatly organize decorations, important documents, and personal items within arm’s reach. This works to keep the technician stationary in a position that comfortably supports the back, legs, and arms for a full 8-hour work day.

Cubicle panels now feature a wide range of material options that complement the décor, process flow, and physical floor plan of a wide range of call center environments. Glass inserts allow overhead lighting and natural sunlight into workstation interiors. These inserts, when mounted at the proper height, eliminate the need for individual task lighting. This can save a large call center with hundreds of technicians thousands of dollars a year in lighting costs. New soundproofing materials allow Cubicle World to build smaller, shorter computer workstation panels that block background noises. The most affordable soundproof cubicle panels are made with fabric laid over a core that absorbs sound waves as they pass through the wall. Cubicle entrances can be further insulated with sliding glass doors that dampen sound but still allow managers to observe CSR activity.

Today’s reliance on CRM technology liberates the facility manager from having to look for computer workstations that anticipate the every need of technical support specialists. Instead, a basic cubicle computer workstation with minimal accessories is really all that is needed to create an optimal work environment. Thanks to a wide range of materials and design styles, call centers can equip their staff with cubicles that are drastically less expensive than their predecessors 20 years ago. By furnishing these workstations with affordable, ergonomic office chairs, call center managers can create a level of comfort that was previously unheard of in the technical support industry. This translates to a better customer experience for the caller, and it adds dollars back to the organization through a win-win space plan that creates maximum efficiency through the principles of simplicity. Contact us today.

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