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December 7, 2016

Cubicle Dividers On Sale Now QuotationNow that you have your new cubicles installed and arranged exactly as you need them, it’s time to look again at what you have to fine-tune your arrangements. Because, while you and your managers tried to take everything into consideration, you may have missed a few points, such as offering additional privacy or allowing collaboration when staffers need to work together.

Know What You Already Have

Walk around your office space with your managers. Closely observe what each employee is doing. Look for staffers who may be stymied by current cubicle dividers, especially if they need to work together on their projects. Lower cubicle dividers enable them to keep their work-spaces divided but still allow for quiet discussion and document-sharing as they discuss various issues and questions.

As you are making note of everything, look also for those staffers or departments that need to work more independently. Their reasons for needing independence may vary from a preference for additional quiet or working with highly confidential materials. Cubicle dividers that are higher may help them with these needs.

Figure Out What You Need

By now, you should have some good, detailed notes. Discuss your findings with your team of managers so you can mutually decide on what your company needs. Remember, you are refining what you currently have. This should not cost you very much – cubicle dividers cost much less, individually and in bulk, than the new cubicles you just had installed.

Call us here at Cubicle World to discuss your needs and what you have learned as you walked around and observed your employees as they worked. Our cubicle experts will be able to show you what you may already be looking for.

Remember Privacy and Confidentiality

Our experts will be able to show you cubicle dividers that allow your staffers to work in additional privacy and quiet. The cubicle dividers that provide these benefits should be taller; they should surround cubicles on three sides; for the sake of more quiet, they should be fabric-covered so the fabric absorbs the sounds that employees don’t want to hear.

For those departments that work with employee information, secret contracts or dollar figures, the tallest cubicle dividers will allow them to go about their work knowing that it’s hard for other workers to see what they are working on.

Factor in Collaboration Needs

Finally, you do have employees and departments that work together on assigned projects. These staffers should easily be able to work across their cubicles – and over their cubicle dividers – to talk about what needs to happen.

These cubicle dividers should be much lower. They should also divide one cubicle from the next, especially when those cubicles are arranged in “pods.” Here, you can afford to get a little more creative. Because confidentiality and even sound won’t matter quite as much, choose clear glass dividers or even glass dividers that distort the images on the other side. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and don’t forget cubicle dividers.

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