Cubicle Extension Panels-What They are and How They Work

Discount Cubicle Extension Panels For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Guarantees Lowest Price
June 28, 2018
Discount Cubicle Extension Panels For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Guarantees Lowest Price

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When you can’t build out, build UP with cubicle extension panels.

As your company grows, your office become crowded.  To conserve space, you may need to move workstations closer together to reduce the square footage used by each employee.  You may also need to invest in smaller cubicles to further save on space. While this can save you a great deal of money that you would otherwise have to spend on an office move, it can lead to a very noisy and crowded work environment if steps are not taken to increase employee privacy despite the shrinking space.  Cubicle extension panels are the best way to do this. They allow you to transform a previously open concept or semi-open concept office layout into a new configuration of enclosed, highly focused workstations.

How do cubicle extenders work?

Cubicle extension panels mount to the desktop work surface, dividing a previously open area into individual compartments.  Some panels create only a visual barrier, while others are built with soundproofing materials that also block distracting noises from other workstations.  The panel shown in the picture above is made from frosted glass that blocks visibility from the adjacent workstation. Dividers like this are useful in offices with a minimum of noise.  They eliminate the claustrophobic feeling people often get when someone is sitting too close to them. Cubicle extenders like this also create the impression that coworkers are much farther apart than they actually are.  They also prevent employees from seeing each other’s work areas, documents, and display monitors.

Soundproofing generates an entirely new level of privacy.  

Cubicle World also sells cubicle extension panels that insulate against office noise.  Various soundproofing materials are used to construct the panel core, and fabric is used to create the panel walls.  Acoustical cubicle extension panels have proven highly effective for startup companies that begin with a handful of friends working an open office environment.  As some of the original founders leave the company, and as new employees begin to enter the doors, a new level of structure and discipline becomes essential to successful operations.  What was once a friendly, talkative, and collaborative environment now becomes a hierarchical, formal environment. Not only must there be less talking and more focus, there must also be less noise.

Acoustical cubicle extension panels are also very effective for tutoring businesses.  Typically, a tutoring center starts off small, with only a handful of students. As its reputation is established, however, enrollment often spikes.  Cubicle extenders with interior sound insulation are a wonderful way to provide each student an individualized learning environment where he or she can listen attentively to the instructor, work quietly on assignments, and read materials undisturbed.  In the professional world, acoustical cubicle extenders have proven invaluable to call centers with large customer service and sales teams. Acoustical panels block conversations from adjacent cubicles so that the customer hears only his or her representative over the phone.  Cubicle World has outfitted several large call centers with these extenders and generated a vastly improved customer experience in the process.

How do we know what size cubicle extension panels to order?

You don’t have to.  Cubicle World offers free space planning and design services to all serious prospects for business.  Simply call us up (or email us, if you prefer) and schedule an office visit. We will design your cubicle extenders based upon your office environment and business needs.  If necessary, we will manufacture them in our own factory to save cost on retail markup. Cubicle World owns its own fleet of trucks and moving service, so delivery and installation are turnkey when you work with us.

Don’t let distractions cost you a penny more than they already have.  Do something about them with cubicle extension panels that make even the smallest spaces in your office comfortable, quiet, and productive.  Call now.

Cubicle Extension Panels – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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