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August 9, 2016

Quality Cubicle Office Furniture For Sale

When you think of cubicles, you probably don’t think of efficiency or adaptability. Instead, you’re thinking of space and savings. When Herman Propst, who worked for Herman Miller, invented the office cubicle he probably thought more of productivity and office design – he had no idea about how his invention could impact office adaptability and efficiency.

The Adaptability of Cubicles – Think Legos

Think about how your children build new and ever more creative designs with their Lego blocks. Each Lego brick is designed to fit together with bricks of different sizes, enabling players to create boats, buildings, spaceships and even furniture.

So it is with the cubicle. They have been designed so they can be installed in differing configurations. From rows of cubicles to pods and even individual cubicles set apart from others, they can meet the needs of your office now and in the future. When you realize that you need to reconfigure your current arrangement, our expert installers at Cubicle World can go back to your business and rearrange your cubicles to your exact specifications. This allows you to ramp up productivity with a new configuration.

Efficiency and Focus

Cubicles don’t encourage mental focus. By their very design, they leave your employees open to distractions, noise and other workers who are passing by, chatting or even whistling a tune. Some workers talk in loud voices or play music at levels that disturb others.

For some workers, this isn’t very much of a problem. They know how to tune noise out so they can concentrate on their work. For others, however, every sound grates on them. If they add noise-canceling headphones to their day’s routine, this can help – until someone who needs to catch their attention can’t make themselves heard.

Collaboration and Efficiency

Cubicles were designed to encourage collaboration between workers or teams of employees. The dividing walls between each cubicle are low, giving workers the ability to pass work back and forth. They can also carry on conversations between at least two, if not more people involved in a project.

Propst’s design was intended to end the “Big Brother” office environment. He believed that the open office had a negative effect on talent and individual worker energy. He wanted each worker to have the privacy they needed to get their work done.

Cubicles versus Open Office Space

Companies now enable their employees to work in flexible spaces, where they can sit anywhere they desire. They aren’t tied to a specific office or cubicle anymore. Some companies, such as IBM, have a “hoteling” practice. This allows their workers to research a public work area as they need it.

Creating Privacy for Efficiency

Returning to employees who find activity levels and noise in an open-office setting to be too much, some companies have begun to install small, enclosed spaces where these workers can retreat and get their work done with much less interruption. The footprints of these spaces are much smaller than traditional cubicles. The privacy walls are much higher, nearly reaching the ceiling. Browse our cubicles and choose the best design for your company’s needs.

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