Cubicle Panel Systems – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Cubicle Panel Systems For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer
July 3, 2018
Custom Cubicle Panel Systems For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer

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What are cubicle panel systems?

The panel system is one of two core components of every workstation, with the other core component being the work desk.  Cubicle panel systems create they physical boundaries for individual work areas. If we were to compare office cubicles to private offices, panel systems would be the walls of the room.  However, unlike office walls, which are pretty much the same wherever you go, panel systems occur in a myriad of forms and sizes. This allows space planners to create workstations that are highly individualized to specific job descriptions.  It also allows companies to avoid wasting space on offices that are too large for what the employee actually needs.

What makes open concept cubicle panel systems different than other cubicle panel systems?

Open concept panels are smaller than cubicle dividers used in more traditional office design layouts.  Like the ones shown in the picture above, they are just tall enough to prevent employees from seeing each other’s display screens and paperwork.  However, coworkers can still see each other’s faces and interact when necessary. While completely open concept systems are becoming increasingly rare in today’s office, a blend of open concept and privacy is still very popular  in many environments.

How much to cubicle panel systems cost?

The cost of cubicle panels depends mainly on the materials used to construct the panels.  Fabric covered dividers are the most affordable on the market. Laminates are typically moderately priced and still within the budgets of most growing companies.  When we get to fine veneers and glass, however, we are looking at much higher costs. Companies who pay the higher costs for wood veneer and glass usually do so because the aesthetic of the office itself plays a direct role in the generation of revenue.  Making the office look high end actually brings a return when clients who visit the location are motivated to invest in a business that clearly evidences exceptional value.

Can cubicle panel systems be added or modified later?

Yes.  Cubicle World offers a reconfiguration service for businesses who need to make workflow changes but who do not have the budget to invest in all new workstations at the present time.  Changing out older panels, or adding cubicle extension panels, to existing workstations is an excellent way to generate a significant change in the environment for a fraction of the cost of cubicle purchasing.  

Who makes your cubicle panel systems?

We have our own factory, so we make many of our own cubicle dividers in house.  However, we also act as resellers for over 500 manufacturers. If you are looking for cubicle dividers by Steelcase, Herman Miller, or Friant, for example, you can easily obtain them through Cubicle World at a price that is highly competitive.  Because we own our own fleet of trucks, we can add value to your purchase with free delivery and installation. Call us now.

Cubicle Panel Systems
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