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New, Used & Refurbished Cubicle Office Panels, Cubicle Wall Store Near Me
November 30, 2016
New, Used & Refurbished Cubicle Panels, Cubicle Wall Store Near Me

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In the back and forth between offices with cubicles and open-plan offices, you need to choose what works best for you and your employees. You and your staffers want to be happy, which helps boost morale. At the same time, you need to find that happy ground between allowing your workers to collaborate with each other and having enough quiet that they can get their work done. By adding cubicle panels to each of your groupings of cubicles, you’ll be able to achieve both aims.

Why Cubicle Panels?

Cubicle panels, dividers, partitions, and extenders allow staff members to get their work done, confer with each other on mutual assignments and, when needed, work individually so they can work on confidential assignments on their own.

Rather than stand-alone partitions that divide departments, one from the other, cubicle panels extend the height of individual dividers. This helps to cut down more on noise without making it difficult for groups to collaborate. You know what you want to achieve. When you know what is available to you, you’ll know what choice will work best for your company.

Autonomy vs. Privacy

Some of your staffers work almost always individually. This means they may need privacy so they can complete confidential documents. Or that is the work style they prefer because they will be able to get their work done more efficiently.

Other employees like working in groups because they can put their heads together to tackle difficult questions, solving them as a group. Sometimes, their job requirements demand this. Plus, they may just prefer having a more open work environment because their personalities gravitate toward discussing issues among themselves.

Quiet vs. Collaboration

If your cubicle groupings are set up with desks facing each other, you need cubicle panels that fit in between the two short rows of desks. These are rear-mounted panels. Other desk/cubicle groupings may feature cubicles or desks standing side-by-side. These rows need side-mounted cubicle panels or extenders.

Both types of cubicle panels or extenders are high enough that they offer privacy when needed. Yet, they are low enough that, when staffers need to discuss and collaborate, they will easily be able to do so, sharing documents, spreadsheets, thoughts and even computer screens.

This type of arrangement works well where the office environment encourages a tight-knit closeness and employees enjoy working closely with each other.

Types of Cubicle Panels

As you think about what type of cubicle panels would best suit your needs and office environment, keep in mind desk-mounted privacy panels, cubicle panel extenders, opaque panels and even glass panels.

Each type of panel meets a different need, solving different issues for you. Staff members who enjoy working closely together or quietly discussing different issues, glass panels work well, creating a division without stifling discussion.

Opaque panels are also low enough that staffers can collaborate. At the same time, they are not transparent, which means work can be done without fear of releasing confidential information. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and ask about cubicle panels, too.

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