Cubicle Partitions: A Buyer’s Guide To Quality Office Furniture FR-105

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January 12, 2017
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When you converted your office to cubicles, you may have realized that you need more than just the cubicles. Along with those workspaces, you need cubicle partitions that enable you to create strategic divisions between groupings and pods of cubicles so your employees don’t begin to feel as though other workers are sitting on top of them. Even if the space where you have your cubicles is small, installing partitions can create definite areas and help to deflect the inevitable noise.

Their Function

Cubicle partitions serve a few purposes: First, they create the aforementioned divisions between the different departments (HR, IT, call center) in your company. Second, they stand taller than the workstations and help to deflect phones, office equipment noise, and conversations. Third, they block the view of “overly curious” visitors, allowing confidential and even top secret work to be done in the privacy it deserves. Fourth, they are portable, allowing you to create new configurations when you need to do so. Along with being functional, you’ll add a look of professionalism and tasteful design to your office space.

Room Dividers

These stand about six feet high, truly blocking the staff members behind them from view. If you install several, one right next to the other, you’ve created one smaller “room” that holds, say, your IT department.

It’s also possible to create a small conference room by using room dividers. When you and your employees meet to discuss current work and future plans, you won’t be hurting for conference space. If you are going to be holding an actual conference with employees and others involved in your business, several room dividers can create breakout rooms.

The Materials

Laminate, fiber and glass tiles all make up the cubicle partitions you’re seeking. Look at your office decor, because you can specify what types of tiles you’d like in creating your cubicle partitions. Even better, if you are incorporating fabric tiles, you can specify what kind of fabric and even the color you need.

What kinds of fabric should you select? Look for something with lots of texture. A raised design in the center of the tile adds detail and a little style to the look of your office. Their advantages? They are tough, resisting wear and tear. Better yet, that coffee that “someone” regularly spills won’t stain the fabric. If you order a high-quality cubicle partition, you should be able to feel the padding that was installed beneath the fabric. Ask for the fabric colors you need.

Go Mobile!

You aren’t always going to keep the current configuration of your office. As your company evolves, you’ll need to reconfigure the positioning of cubicles, pods, and departmental groupings so your company can function at its best.

Just as you move cubicles around, you should be able to move the cubicle partitions. Here is where freestanding panels may suit your needs. Give us a call at Cubicle World and we can help you find what you need.

Stack ‘Em Up

Stackable cubicle dividers allow you to create new looks. cork-board, fabric, glass, laminate tiles and whiteboard also add versatility to your dividers, enabling you and your staffers to be able to pin notes, documents and even small pictures to the cork board. Write notes on the whiteboard. Just stack them as you need to customize them and you’re in action! Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and remember cubicle dividers.

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