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Refurbished Cubicle Office Partitions
July 25, 2016
Used Cubicle Office Partitions On Sale Now In Katy, Texas

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Quality Cubicle Partitions On Sale Now From CUBICLEWORLD.COM

It’s time to buy office cubicle partitions, but after you price the new partitions, you know they are out of your current budget. Now that you’re looking at refurbished office cubicle partitions, you know you need to keep safety, warranty and the sturdiness of each partition in mind. You’re going to do a lot of window-shopping before you begin choosing the partitions you want to buy. Knowing this, get started long before you need to remove the old partitions and have the refurbished partitions installed.

Be Ready to Do a Lot of Window-Shopping

Here at Cubicle World, we know that you have a finite budget for office furniture. That’s why we keep refurbished cubicle partitions in stock for our customers. Because you can’t afford new, you’ve decided to buy used.

There’s a big difference between used and refurbished. Refurbished cubicle partitions have been closely and carefully inspected so that any broken areas can be repaired. The fabric surface has been replaced, giving that used partition the look of a new partition.

Knowing this, you’re better armed as you go to the different office supply stores. Take your new knowledge and discuss the options with our expert sales personnel.

Warranties! Don’t Forget These

Always ask about warranties. Used furniture and office supplies usually come “as-is,” meaning there is no warranty, explicit or implied. With refurbished furniture, you may be able to benefit from some kind of limited warranty. These documents protect you, so when they are available, take them.

Compare Refurbished Partitions to New

As you are looking at the partitions you’re thinking of buying, you should make comparisons between the refurbished partitions and new partitions. The reason for this: You want to see just how close to new refurbished partitions look. You’ll gain some confidence that what you decide to buy will give your office a clean, polished and professional look once they have been installed.

As you are making comparisons, check the sturdiness of the brackets and floor connectors. You want to know that, after the partitions have been installed, they will stay upright instead of falling over on top of people in their cubicles – or worse, walking by.

Learn What Materials the Partitions are Made From

Partitions are often used to deflect and reduce the level of sound in a large, open-plan office. When you think that someone near one corner of your company can hear the phones ringing at the opposite end, you may understand just how noisy it can get. If the first person needs more quiet so they can complete complex code, equations or graphics, then the partitions will help to deflect the phones and sounds of conversation to a degree. Sound won’t be deadened 100 percent, but if you can lower it to an acceptable level, then the personnel who need quiet will be better able to complete their work.

The frame and footings of each partition should be made of a strong metal that won’t bend if someone steps on the brackets. Ask about all connections so that, as you decide which partitions to buy, you’ll know which ones will be the safest for your staff. Get started with your search today at Cubicle World.

Call Us For A FREE Cubicles Quote  713-412-3090.
Visit Our Office Cubicle Warehouse Located At 11050 West Little York, Bldg J, Houston TX 77041

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