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New, Used & Refurbished Cubicle Dividers For Sale In Houston, Tx.
July 10, 2017
New, Used & Refurbished Cubicle Dividers For Sale In Houston, Tx.

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Cubicle partitions play a big role in creating the proper work environment for your employees.

The height of cubicle partitions has a major impact on how employees perceive their personal work areas. If a partition is too low, the employee may be exposed to distractions that make it difficult to focus on tasks. By the same token, however, cubicle dividers that are too high can block overhead lighting and generate a claustrophobic feeling of confinement.

These cubicle partitions rise to a height just above the eye level of a seated employee.

This is the preferred height for cubicle panels in most contemporary work environments. The lower panel height lets in more overhead lighting, which makes the cubicle interior feel more open and alive. At the same time, the panels are sufficiently tall to prevent employees from seeing into other workstations. This configuration minimizes idle chatter between coworkers while still allowing them access to one another when collaboration is necessary.

Workstation layout helps determine cubicle partition size.

As you can see in the picture, these cubicles are clustered together in groups of four. Clustering is an excellent way to organize teams that may need to collaborate at different times of the day. If you have only 2-5 workstations grouped together like this, your partition panels do not have to be as high. As you add workstations to the cluster, you will need higher cubicle partitions to block out distracting sights and noises.

We make cubicle partitions from a wide range of materials.

Perhaps your are only familiar with dividers made of fabric wrapped over a frame. Fabric is still very popular, and we have hundreds of styles and colors that you can choose. Keep in mind, however, that you can also have Cubicle World build your panels out of laminate or wood veneer. We can also accessorize these panels with windows and shelving to make them look and function like walls in a traditional office.

Cubicle Worlds owns a factory and a fleet of trucks.

Not only can be build, refurbish, or customize cubicle partitions to your unique requirements, we can also deliver and install them as a turnkey workflow solution. We have used, refurbished, and new models you can purchase that will meet your business needs at a cost your budget can easily handle.

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