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Office Cubicle Repair
July 10, 2017

While some of our competitors offer cubicle repair, few, if any, have facilities like Cubicle World.

Our 25,000 square foot factory that contains an entire refurbishing and repair division. Space is not a problem for us, so our turnaround time is lower—and our quality is higher—than other sources you will find online.

Not only do we have the space; we have the credentials.

Cubicle world is a certified Herman Miller refurbishing center. Obviously we are not restricted to Herman Miller cubicle repair, but carrying these credentials carries a lot of weight in our industry. We also refurbish Steelcase workstations and used cubicles that we purchase from the open market.

Herman Miller invented the cubicle, so consider the fact that the inventors of the modern workstation trust us with their confidence and their brand.

We pickup and deliver with our own fleet of trucks.

If you work with some of our competitors, you have to pay transportation costs for trucks they lease for pickup and delivery. You don’t have to pay this with Cubicle World. Because we own our own trucks, we can either bundle the cost of pickup and delivery into the hourly cubicle repair rates. However, there are times when we don’t even do that, and we offer free pickup and delivery for certain instances.

When necessary, we do our best to provide temporary workstations to customers who need repairs.

One of the biggest causes for procrastinating cubicle repair is the simple fact that people need their cubicles to work. When available, we can deliver temporary cubicles to customers who have a seating shortage. These workstations are admittedly in used, as-is condition, but they are better than no desk at all.

We have a broad range of fabrics.

For those of you with upholstered workstation panels, we have practically every color and pattern you can imagine. When we repair a cubicle panel, we make it a point to use affordable, brand new fabrics that make the panel appear new to the average viewer.

We carry hundreds of laminates and wood veneers.

Our cubicle repair technicians are trained to re-purpose all work areas and visible panel surfaces. You can choose from hundreds of laminates or wood veneers to give your desk area, storage bin, filing drawer, and cubicle panels a whole new look.

We warranty our work.

Even if you did not buy your cubicles from us originally, we warranty all materials and labor associated with cubicle repair for a period of one year. We take pride in our work, and we take pride in saving our customers money. We know that you will return to us in the future because we do the sensible, practical things necessary to bring you a tangible return on your investment.

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