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August 22, 2016

As you are looking for new cubicle systems for your company, you need to look at much more than just individual prices or what you’ll pay overall. What does your company need? What about your employees? Finally, is it really worth the money you’ll pay for cubicles that have been ergonomically designed? On that last question, you’ll pay more for ergonomically designed cubicles at the outset. As time goes on, though, you won’t have to worry about sick leave and ever-spiraling health insurance costs for your employees, because they aren’t getting injured.

What Your Business Needs

Take a look at the cubicles currently occupying your office space. Quite aside from the bumps and dings that have accumulated over the years, you need to look at whether they still meet 100 percent of your business’ needs. If not, what new needs have developed?

You may have added some new office functions, such as IT, web design or even graphic design. You have had personnel, human resources, accounting, payroll and even a team of clerk-typists. If you sell merchandise or services, you may also have a call center team.

Every one of these functions needs cubicles with different functions and features. Your call center workers won’t need the high walls, though they would like them, that your personnel, human resources, web design and IT staffers must have. Your call center workers don’t need as much storage space as your clerk-typists or secretaries.

Look at Employee Needs

Storage, high partition walls and additional privacy that allows your teams to keep confidential matters protected – these are just a few of your employees’ needs.

Some of your employees need more quiet than others, just by the nature of their work. Your coders and web developers need to concentrate on writing complex computer code – when the noise level is too high, they may have trouble focusing on their work. The same goes for graphic designers and your IT staff. In addition, if you have any employees who are just sensitive to loud noise, they will be unable to focus on their work.

Privacy and confidentiality concerns should also affect your decisions. Some of your employees work with highly sensitive information, so they also need cubicles with high partitions.

Remembering Ergonomics

As you and your employees work, you need to be able to do so comfortably. If you end up having to stretch your back because the desk is too high for you, then you’re going to end up hurting and in your doctor’s office.

Think about having to stretch up to get an item from the overhead storage bin. If this is too high, even when you stand, again, you could suffer injury. For this reason, look for cubicles that have been constructed with ergonomics in mind.

Budget Should Also Fit

Finally, keep your furniture budget in mind. You know how much you can commit to buying new cubicles, so when you see the models with all the bells and whistles, make sure you can afford them. When you know what you want, come and see our experts at Cubicle World.

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