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July 19, 2016

As you look for new cubicle systems for your business, you’re confronted with several duties and decisions. Beyond looking at your office furniture budget, you need to decide just what kind(s) of cubicles to buy, who to assign them to, determine the physical arrangement of each cubicle, then decide where to buy them. Cubicle World can make all of this easier for you as you work with our office furnishings experts.

Assess Each Employee’s Duties, Choose Cubicles Based on Duties

Look at every employee’s job duties. Some workers are responsible for making and receiving phone calls. They may need little more than a telemarketer‘s cubicle, but if they have to store papers, they will need a file storage system.

Secretaries and office clerks need slightly larger cubicles that allow them to spread out, do their work, store papers and other office supplies.

Employees responsible for handling confidential (or classified) information need cubicles with walls that are significantly higher than other cubicles. These cubicles should also have doors. Managers will also benefit from this type of cubicle. Others who would benefit will be any employee responsible for doing work that requires a high level of concentration, or someone who is negatively affected by noise.

Decide on an Open Design or Pod Arrangement

Employees who work collaboratively on projects would benefit from sitting in a “pod” arrangement, where cubicles are arranged facing close to each other. Other departments that might benefit from such an arrangement include IT, web design, copyrighting and even graphic designers.

Use more open arrangements, with cubicles set up in short rows, for those who need to work independently – secretaries, clerks, data entry clerks and call center employees fall into this category.

This means you’re going to see a bullpen area with several pods, as well as several sets of short rows, for your workers.

This is the perfect time to change cubicle arrangements for different departments. If, for instance, IT has traditionally been arranged in rows, now is the time to place these employees into one pod or more. Do the same with other departments so that, when your employees start working once the new cubicles have been installed, they can work more efficiently.

Choose What Your Business Needs

You’re the owner or top manager in this business. As you have gone through the above steps, you realize that what you need may be quite different from what you’ve had already.

With your new knowledge, come see us at Cubicle World and make the cubicle choices you need for your employees. Our experts will arrange the delivery of your new cubicles, as well as bringing the boxes into your business and installing your cubicles to your specifications.

We’ll set your new cubicles up in the arrangements you specify, whether rows, short rows or pod groupings. We’ll also ensure that each cubicle is connected to an electrical source so every employee can operate their computers and desk lamps. Find the best cubicle system for your business today at Cubicle World.

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