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February 29, 2016

Cubicle Walls show where one cubicle begins and the other one begins. In most offices, this means that one wall separates two cubicles that are right next to each other, with no space in between. The employees in these cubicles are physically close to each other, able to hear and see what the other is doing. Some groups of employees in your company need additional quiet or privacy. Let’s see how the cubicle wall helps.

What the Wall Is… And What it Isn’t

When you hear the term “cubicle wall,” you may think of a physical wall that separates two full cubicles from each other. That’s not what it is. The cubicle wall is the portion of the cubicle that encloses the desk and work area the employee works on.

If you’re thinking of tall, stand-alone walls that separate groupings of cubicles from each other, that is a partition. Businesses use partitions to create visible divisions between departments.

Cubicle walls of differing heights can actually help you. Some of your employees need to be shielded from the noise of a bullpen-style office. Others need to be able to work on confidential documents without worrying that someone’s going to see names, numbers or details to which they aren’t privy.

Where to Find New Cubicle Walls

Call us here at Cubicle World, and one of our experts will be happy to explain cubicles and cubicle walls to you. If you look around at different stores, you’ll be able to look at different types of walls so you find what best meets the needs of your company.

As you are looking at the different cubicle wall styles available, take detailed notes about the wall styles for different cubicle styles (telemarketer and receptionist, for instance). Keep track of the different wall heights so that, when you are ready to order, you’ll know which ones you want to order and in which store they were displayed.

Use Cubicle Walls for Different Office Functions

Your employees will use their cubicle walls for several purposes, such as hanging their children’s art projects, small keepsakes, mirrors and light wall hangings. To you, “function” means something quite different.

You’re concerned about the confidentiality of sensitive documents and information, and extra quiet for some departments needing calmer environments. As you look at different cubicle wall styles, you’ll notice some have track lighting or recessed lighting. You’ll also notice overhead storage areas and flipper doors, shelves and magnetic white boards. Take advantage of all of these!

How Cubicle World Can Help You

Our cubicle furniture staff experts are available to answer all your questions and show you how different cubicle walls will help you meet your business’ needs. Give us a call while you’re researching this topic and we’ll help you to weed out what you don’t need.

After all, when it’s time to order, you want to make sure that you get only what you need versus all the extras that will only get in the way once the new cubicles have been installed.Browse cubicles when it’s time to place your order. Contact us today.

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