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November 19, 2015

Cubicle Walls On Sale Now!

In the modern office, managers and employees are more likely to work in cubicles than in individual offices with a door. With office space at a premium, office cubicle walls are a necessity, especially if managers want to fit in every employee they need. While cubicles may seem to have more drawbacks than advantages, the modern cubicles in use today have features not found in the original workstations.

Affordable and Convenient

Office cubicle wall manufacturers have been able to refine manufacturing techniques so the price of an individual cubicle is lower than it was in the early days of office cubicles.

Returning to the high costs of sufficient office space, cubicles have solved the problem of too little space. When the available office space is one large room, your company can buy sufficient cubicles to house every single employee without paying a premium price.

Noise Cancellation

Today’s office cubicles have one feature that your workers will appreciate over almost any other: noise canceling properties. Because of the materials each cubicle has, such as fabric for the panels, the ambient noises coming out of each worker’s space can be somewhat canceled out. If the panels and partitions are high enough, the noise is damped down even more.

Necessary Furnishings Only

Each cubicle is small on purpose. Because they have to fit in a limited space, every employee has to furnish their office with only the necessities, such as desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Each employee will be provided a phone and computer, but because of the need for effective use of space and expense, printers or multi-function centers will be centrally placed so several workers can use them.

Need for Good Organization

The floor plant or lamp, the clay vases made by your children and that “small” bookshelf you bring in to personalize your cubicle may crowd you out of your workspace. Because cubicles are so small, you need to choose effectively what you’re going to decorate your cubicle with. Leave the cute vases, lamp, plant and bookshelf at home.

In addition, organizing your computer and desk enables you to be much more efficient in your work. Create computer folders of scanned documents so you can locate them more easily. If you do need to have hard copies, create an easy-to-use filing system so you can find them fast.

Accessibility to Co-Workers

Cubicles mean you’re visible to everyone. When you’re working on that big contract, you don’t need to be distracted by every one of your co-workers. Instead, devise a quiet signal that tells them you have to work so they’ll bypass your cubicle. This can be as simple as a taped sign at the entrance to your cubicle or even sticking earbuds in your ears. Just remember to take these reminders down when you can be available to your co-workers.

Workers Customize Their Cubicles

Personalize your cubicle – within reason. Bring smaller items in to customize your space, but try not to bring so many in that you have no room to work. Be cautious if you want to scent up your office. Some people are allergic to scents, so check with everyone first. Use a small white-erase board to jot down reminders to yourself. This cuts down on all the sticky notes decorating your desk.

If you have any questions, Contact Our Cubicle World Expert once you know what you need.

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