Cubicle Workstation Design By Cubicle World

Cubicle Workstation Design By Cubicle World
December 17, 2019
Are you tired of an unproductive team that feels smothered by your present cubicle layout?  Are you ready for a change in your office environment but are not in a position to move on it just yet?  Have you ever thought about consulting with an office space planner? A new cubicle workstation design can create both the privacy required to be effective as well as the versatility to adapt to any office space you need to fill. Do not fret about the lack of square footage any longer, for cubicles are no longer the boring boxes of the past.  Present-day cubicles offer many custom options to assure your workers have everything they require with the spin of a chair. Before you fill out that order form though, read over some of the most common issues found when blending cubicles into an office space.

We all know that space is a commodity in the office, so designing room for everyone is a high priority.  Nevertheless, when designing your new cubicle layout, do not forget about incorporate spaces that will be big enough to hold employee conferences or areas in which workers can move away from their personal office space to work together with other workers.  Also, be sure to incorporate spaces to hold that critical client meeting or job interview.  

Take a good look at how often each division interacts with all other departments. Then create a cubicle layout where each department is not only united but also close to the other employees with whom they communicate with frequently.  Keep in mind that the less time staff spend away from their desks, the more time they spend producing.

While cubicle workstation design is important, so is personal cubicle design.  Inform your employees to be aware of how they communicate with each other. Performing in the heart of the digital age, you might see your employees are employing emails, texts, or instant messaging.  Ask yourself, is this because they are separated too much? If your team is more inclined to have face-to-face discussions with each other, this is where customizing your new cubicles is important.  Keep your cubicle partitions low enough to facilitate discussion, but not too low that it prevents privacy.

When working with our office space designers on your new cubicle layout, be sure to combine your departments together.  Assuring that all workers of each department are within close vicinity of each other is one of the most productive ways to guarantee productivity. You absolutely do not need Mary from accounting seven cubicles away from her team members.  

If you do not have a selected break area, be sure to incorporate a “work-free area” in your new cubicle layout design.  When workers take a break some distance away from their workstations, they feel as if they are truly taking a break. Ordinarily, workers perform at higher levels during the workday when they totally leave their workstations during break time.

Now that you know your requirements, it might be an excellent idea to see if your staff has any personal needs for their new workstations.  With so many choices available–including wall mounted filing systems, cabinetry, doorways built into panel systems, today modern-day cubicles can meet any office’s needs and wishes.  Communicate these questions to your Cubiture space planner so that your whole team will feel as if they have played an important part in creating the new cubicle installation.  Contact us today.

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