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May 28, 2019

With all the types of office cubicles that Cubicle World has to offer, you’ll find out very quickly just how unique you can make each workstation so that your functional as well as aesthetic needs are addressed. There are cubicles for every occasion each one falling into one area or category. These categories can come in handy based on how you want your workstations to be used

With the diverse selection and types of office cubicles that you can choose from, it’s important to take a number of considerations into account to perfect your option. It never hurts to take appearance into account, given the impression it can make on your clients and other visitors. When you have nice-looking and tidy cubicles that are well-build and sturdy-looking, it can convey a sense of focus, clarity, organization, and quality of service. For employees, since they’ll be spending a majority of their time in their cubicles, it’s important to create an environment they’d want to work in. No matter what types of office cubicles you’re interested, try to choose attractive ones that isn’t falling apart or outdated in appearance

There will be many major purchases you’ll be making throughout the lifespan of your business, and cubicles will most likely be one of the first of those. You may find that you don’t always have the budget for that, as is usually the case with smaller companies, mom-and-pop shops, and startups. That’s why it may be best to take your time and to be choosy when assessing what types of office cubicles are out there to benefit your workplace. Cubicle World is a manufacturer that can custom-build any type of furniture, including cubicles too. We provide competitive pricing for when you decide to buy factory direct and to your own specifications. With our own fleet of trucks at hand, we can bring you what you want at just a fraction of the price you’d pay for retail.

Because of the overwhelming number of cubicles out there, it often helps to put them into categories in order to navigate more easily. There are many categories that can be used to delineate types of office cubicles, but below are just a few common ones that you may find a good addition to your office:

Private Office Cubicles

Out of all the different types of office cubicles, the private office cubicle is the largest and most luxurious. These are the nearest in look and feel to the conventional, dry-wall office. These cubicles are way more convenient, with the ability to assemble, disassemble, and relocate wherever you want. The unit is endlessly customizable to include all kinds of storage features and work surfaces. Lighting can be included as well, and electrical panels can be integrated within the partitions of the cubicle. The floor-mounted partitions can reach as high as 6’ or 8’, even as high as the ceilings for the ultimate in acoustical and visual privacy. Use glass inserts as windows to establish a sense of connection to your coworkers and other surroundings.

Professional Cubicles

Professional cubicles are those types of office cubicles which are often found in a typical office environment and which you may often think about when you hear the word “cubicle.” These types can accommodate a diverse number of work flow needs from a variety of industries. Professionals ranging from accountant, to sales manager, to attorney, to engineer, and so on can each benefit from the number of customizable features available.

L-Shaped Cubicles

L-shaped types of office cubicles are a bit more off the beaten path compared to the three- or four-sided ones you may be used seeing in offices. This can be a good thing for when you want to strike a balance between accessibility and privacy. They tend to be easy to assemble and due to the decreased amount of material, they can also be a good choice for lower budgets. Both short and tall panels work well with the L-shaped cubicle.

Circular Cubicles

Circular cubicles certainly are one of the more unique types of office cubicles out there, with their stylish, modern forms. For as interesting as this cubicle is, it’s not very common in many offices, partially because of its lack of space efficiency. It’s an appealing choice for the users themselves because it can give them the illusion of more space as they sit in the center. Choosing one or two of these can lend an interesting touch to your work environment if you want to project your business as innovative and forward-thinking.

High-Walled Cubicles

You can also broadly define types of office cubicles by the height of their partition walls. That’s because they’re so valuable in controlling user privacy and coworker interaction. High-walled cubicles prove to be an excellent choice for workers who are looking to stay on task with a high level of concentration, especially when near “louder” zones such as sales or customer service. While we may be used to conventional rooms fulfilling this need, business staff don’t always have that option, so these types of office cubicles make for an easy-to-assemble, cost-efficient alternative.

Low-Walled Cubicles

If there are locations where it would be beneficial for continuous creative interaction between coworkers, then take a look at low-walled cubicles. These types of office cubicles help to help shape collaboration among coworkers, particularly when they are team members on a work project.

You can find all types of office cubicles for any type of work contexts when you shop at Cubicle World. We are an excellent source for any cubicle you can think of, so feel free to give us a call for a complimentary consultation where we can help you find the building workstations that are perfect for your workplace. We also warranty all types of office cubicles for parts and labor, and we have our own fleet of trucks we can use to deliver and install your cubicles for free. Give us a call today!

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