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November 10, 2015


Whether your office consists of old, worn-out cubicles, a bullpen layout, or individual offices, you can benefit from a cubicle update. Cubicles offer a variety of benefits, especially if you purchase refurbished models instead of new or used cubicles. If you’re thinking about redesigning your office space, consider these factors to help you choose the best cubicles for your office.

One of the primary advantages of choosing refurbished cubicles is that you get brand-name cubicle components instead of generic alternatives, but you don’t have to pay brand-name prices. Refurbished cubicles have been completely restored to their original glory, so you don’t have to worry about damage or aesthetic blemishes.

Choosing high-quality cubicles is essential for any business owner. You want your office space to look its best – both for your employees and any visitors. Signs of wear and tear can reduce your office space’s efficiency and appeal, which ultimately impacts productivity.

Create a Cohesive Space

Some business owners like the eclectic look, but even if you choose multiple finishes, colors, and textures, you want your cubicles and the surrounding elements to work seamlessly as a cohesive whole. Otherwise, you create a chaotic atmosphere that might prove distracting to workers.

A neutral color scheme is one way to bring disparate elements together, from cubicle partitions to work surfaces. You can also use similar finishes, from fabric and vinyl to laminate and metallics. If you’re not sure about your design choices, consider working with Cubiture’s designers. We’ll pair you with a professional to help you make your selections at no extra cost.

Select Sizes Carefully

Cubicles range in size from three feet by three feet to ten feet by ten feet or even larger. Smaller cubicles work well for workers who spend most of their time on the phone and who don’t need much (if any) storage space. Telemarketing firms and call centers, for instance, benefit from these tiny work spaces.

Administrative and accounting professionals, however, probably need more space. They store paper and supplies, so they’ll need file cabinets, drawers, and other storage solutions. Plus, they have more equipment, such as computers, printers, telephones, calculators, and other gadgets.

Decide Which Features You Need Up Front

Cubicles come with a wide range of features that help your workers do their jobs safely and more efficiently. Power outlet access, for instance, requires special consideration. If you plan to install cubicles in the middle of a large office space, without any adjacent walls, you have to figure out how to bring power to your workers’ electronic equipment.

Cubicles with integrated electrical systems help solve most power issues. You’ll also want to decide on cubicle features like storage space, work surfaces, panel height, and installation procedures. The more thought you give to your cubicles before you buy, the happier you will be with your purchase.

Talk to Your Employees

Since your employees will work inside their cubicles every day, consider asking for their input. Find out which features and design details matter most to them. You can’t satisfy everyone, but you’ll find common denominators that will help you make all of your more satisfied on the job.

Whether you’re in the market for two cubicles or 200, we’re here to help. Browse cubicles at our website or visit our West Houston showroom to take a look at our inventory in person.

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