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Tips To Buying Glass Office Cubicles.
November 9, 2016

You don’t want to commit your business to paying a large amount of money for office cubicles only to find out you didn’t take something critical into account, such as measurements, aesthetics, physical obstacles in your office or even future plans. Discuss every one of these with your office manager and department managers.


Have a solid budget number – or even a number range – in mind before you start looking for office cubicles. You wouldn’t buy a car without sticking to a budget, so why wouldn’t you keep this in mind for a major office purchase?

A realistic budget is vital. Too low and you may wind up with shoddy cubicles that fall apart, forcing you to buy again before you had originally planned to do so; too expensive and you’ll have to delay other important purchases. Get an idea of the prices of the cubicles you’re thinking of buying and, from there, develop a solid budget. Know how many of each kind of cubicle you’ll need as well.

Get Accurate Measurements

Knowing the dimensions of the space into which you’ll be moving your new cubicles means you’re much less likely to make a costly mistake. It’s not enough to say, “Oh, the space measures some thirty-odd feet and a few inches. . .” because you’re going to order too many cubicles – and where will the cubicles that don’t fit go? Be precise. Better yet, call us here at Cubicle World. We’ll send an office planner to your office so they can get exact measurements that you, along with the planner and your managers know will be correct.

Your Color Scheme

Color scheme equals the aesthetics of your office. This lends atmosphere and interest to the physical space in which you and your employees work. Even more important, you need to take into account your company branding. Look at the colors in your branding because the colors of your cubicles need to coordinate or complement your company’s colors. If you choose contrasting colors, just make sure the colors you choose won’t clash. Contrasting colors can work well with your brand as long as you choose according to a color wheel.

Account for Physical Obstacles

Whoops! You measured accurately. . . but you forgot about those weight-bearing beams in the center of your office space. That means that a few of the cubicles you’ve ordered aren’t going to fit, no matter what you do.

Your office space designer will take these all-important physical obstacles into consideration when they visit your office and make measurements. This way, when you order your cubicles, you know, without a doubt, they will fit in.

Think of the Future

The future? Yes. . . think ahead one or two years. What if your company grows and you hire additional employees? Your space designer will make sure you keep this in mind as you plan for the new cubicles you order now.

Even if you don’t need the cubicles right now, ordering them and holding them in storage can net more savings for you through a bulk order discount. When you do expand and hire more workers, have installers set up the cubicles you have set aside in reserve. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World after you know what you need. Contact us today.

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