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November 30, 2015

Cubicles For Offices Facilitates Collaboration

When you need cubicles for your office space, you might not know where to start. Modern design and engineering offer numerous choices in cubicle styles, configurations, and designs, which sometimes leaves business owners overwhelmed. To simplify the process, follow these tips to select the right cubicles for your office.

Choose Between Open and Closed Concept Designs

Cubicles can create an open, airy office that facilitates communication and collaboration. Alternatively, they can use cubicles to create individual workstations that feel like private offices. Neither design is right or wrong; rather, your choice should depend on how you want your employees to work and interact at the office.

Open designs don’t have to include completely connected workstations. Many cubicle designs employ glass or plastic see-through panels that admit natural light and allow employees to see one another. However, you can also create an office in which employees can pass paperwork back and forth and have productive discussions while sitting at their desks.

Decide How Much Space Each Employee Needs

Cubicle sizing should depend on two distinct but interrelated factors: the amount of space an employee needs and the amount of space available. The first factor requires you to examine your employees’ day-to-day tasks. Do they spend all their time on the phone or typing at the computer? Do they need to store copious amounts of paperwork? Call center agents, for instance, need far less space than administrative professionals.

The second factor deals with your office size and layout. You’ll need to consider the number of employees (and therefore the number of cubicles you need) as well as the size of your floor plan. Once you figure out how those two factors work together, you can select cubicles that meet everyone’s needs.

Define Your Aesthetic Preferences

Just because your employees work in cubicles does not mean they want to exist in an unattractive environment. The cubicles you choose for your office should reflect your aesthetic preferences based on the rest of your office’s design. For example, traditional cubicles with wood finishes and brass hardware might look incongruous in an otherwise modern, minimalist office space.

Employees work harder, faster, and more diligently when they’re housed in an environment that they find pleasing to the eye. However, you also have to make sure that the cubicles you choose meet your practical needs. Do they offer enough storage? Do they create realistic traffic patterns? Do they handle noise effectively?

Examine Your Electrical Needs

Your office’s electrical system should also inform your cubicle selection. Your employees need power outlets for their computers, phones, printers, and other devices, and you don’t want your cubicle design to block wall outlets or otherwise utilize space inefficiently. Some cubicles have built-in electrical hookup systems that allow you to customize your power configuration.

If you’re not sure what style cubicle you need, consult with Cubiture’s in-house designers for a FREE consultation & office space layout design drawing. We’ll help you make selections that fit your business, your employees, and your space.

To learn more about available cubicle styles, designs, and layouts, in our inventory or visit us at our West Houston location to chat with us in person. Contact us today.

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