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Cubicles For Sale In Houston Texas
February 24, 2016

Cubicles On Sale Now!

As you and your managers get ready to buy new cubicles, look at what you currently have. Discuss whether your current setup is working for you and your employees or if you need to make some changes. The aesthetics of your office have an effect on employees and customers, so keep these in mind as well – you’ll have a few options from which to choose.

Tile Frame Cubicles versus Monolithic Cubicles

The monolithic cubicle is solid from the floor to the top. The walls are all composed of three large cubicle panels. Generally, you’ll find that these cubicles are also composed mainly of one color. While having every cubicle made up of same-color panels lends itself well to uniformity, this can, over time, become. . . well, boring. The only way you and your employees can jazz up the appearance of your cubicles is to decorate them, within certain limits.

Tile frame cubicles are made of tiles that have been fitted together. This gives the wall a segmented look, which is quite different from the monolithic wall. Here, you have a big appearance advantage: You’ll be able to choose tiles of differing shades or even colors, if this is what you want to do.

Low Cubicle Walls versus High Cubicle Walls

Each of these two options has advantages and drawbacks. With lower cubicle walls, you’ll easily be able to see what each employee is doing. You may not even have to stand up in your own cubicle. Your employees can interact easily with one another, exchanging opinions, suggestions and paperwork. The drawback? Little, if any, privacy. For those employees who work with highly confidential information, their ability to keep personal information from being viewed by others is difficult. Some groups in your company require a higher level of peace and quiet. Those low cubicle walls make that difficult to achieve.

With high cubicle walls, the biggest disadvantage is to you. It’ll be more difficult to gaze out over the bullpen and working groups to see what individual employees are doing. If you have a few who tend to waste their time, that will be harder to detect.

These high cubicle walls will be a boon to your human resources, IT, graphic design and web design teams. They’ll be able to take advantage of privacy and a lower level of noise.

Glass Topper versus Fabric or Tile Toppers

Here, the choices are completely aesthetic. Do you want uniformity all across your office? Or are you seeking a more upscale look? With tile toppers, you’ll get the uniformity. If you order toppers that are different colors from the cubicle walls, this allows you to add some visual interest. With the glass toppers, you’ll be able to introduce that more upscale appearance to your cubicle groups.

Customizable Versus Non-Customizable Walls

Whatever you and your managers choose, make sure your new cubicles meet everyone’s needs. This brings up customization. If you are looking for additional quiet and privacy for some of the teams mentioned earlier, customize the cubicle wall heights for them.

For those employees not needing additional privacy to to have noise deflected away, then lower cubicle walls should work just fine. If you have any questions, call one of our furniture experts here at Cubicle World. Browse cubicles and decide what best fits your business’ needs. Contact us today.

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