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July 1, 2019

If you knew the general differences between cubicles vs private offices, which one would you consider purchasing for your office?  The call is yours, of course, but it usually depends on who plans to use them as well as how.  At Cubicle World, we can help you make the decisions necessary to make sure that you get the right workstation for your specific needs and those of your company.

The main differences between these two kinds of workstations are that private offices generally take the place of the more permanent drywall construction that you’ll occasionally see in the office, while regular cubicles are more open-air.  There’s another big differentiation between cubicles vs private offices, though it’s not something that needs to be strictly followed.  While typical cubicles are used by the hired office worker, private offices are usually saved for staff who occupy more executive and managerial positions.  On the other hand, in a more diplomatic and less hierarchical office floor plan and set up, the private offices could be reserved for certain projects where privacy and exclusivity become more of a necessity or priority for the team members working on those projects.

Despite the similarity in how each type is composed and constructed, a major difference with cubicles vs private offices is the height of the partitions, as well as other features.  As said before, private office cubicles mimic the enclosed spaces of conventionally constructed rooms, so you can expect to see four partitions housing the workspace within.  These partitions also tend to be set at a greater height than regular cubicles, reaching as high as 6’8” and even up to meet the ceiling.  An additional measure for filtering traffic comes in the form of an optional sliding door

When considering these factors between cubicles vs private offices, it’s all with good reason.  Generally, these offices are the sites of important one-on-one meetings between various types of people, including executives, hired office employees, and clients as well.  With higher walls, these meetings—some of which could contain strictly confidential and sensitive material—can require a high level of acoustical privacy.  With such high partitions, and with just the right materials such as fabric and glass inserts, users can guarantee greatly reduced noise penetration in either direction.  Aside from its traditional use for executives, these cubicles could offer the perfect solution to HIPAA compliance in the context of healthcare facilities.  Discussions between students and administrators and advisors can also be kept confidential in school and university settings.

Whether its cubicles vs. private offices, glass inserts are always an attractive feature that also is highly functional in its application.  Many traditional private offices contain expansive glass windows, which not only let in light but also offer a view to the office beyond your own partitions.  These “office windows” can be a nice break from continuous opaque partitions by relieving you of the feeling of confinement. 

However, it works best for your crew, in the case of either cubicles vs private offices, Jerry and the seasoned members of his design team at Cubicle World are here to assist you through the selection process.  As you choose your preferred components from a wide selection of inventory or even from a set of specifications based on your own original vision, we create the ideal office space that will accommodate them in a way that maximizes your company’s productivity and efficiency.  This space planning service is absolutely free, and free of obligation as well.

Make sure that when you’re ready to mull over the differences between cubicles vs private offices, that you give Cubicle World a call for a free consultation.  We can explain the pros and cons of each in more detail, giving you a better-rounded picture of the available options you have for your own specific office.  We warranty all types of office cubicles for parts and labor, and we also own our own trucks, so you can be sure that we have no problem delivering and installing your cubicles at no additional charge. Give us a call today!

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