Custom Office Cubicles For Sale Direct From The Factory Means Guaranteed Low Prices

Custom Office Cubicles For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Guarantees Lowest Prices
April 26, 2018

When is the last time you heard of anything custom being on sale? Typically custom products are more expensive than other products because they are specially designed for individual requirements. However this is not the case with cubicle world. Cubicle World allows Houston companies to buy custom office cubicles on sale by purchasing them directly from our factory.  Our workstations are built with the principle “form follows function” in mind. This principle states that the way a thing looks should be based upon the way that it works.

Space planning is the foundation of our design process.  Our design team diagrams your workflow according to each employee’s job description.  That diagram is then used to design each individual cubicle. By building on the foundation of process, we know exactly what features to incorporate into each Workstation. Features such as desks, drawers, storage cabinets, partitions, lighting and doors are incorporated into the structure based upon each employee’s task completion requirements.

You pay for the labor and materials of course, but you’re not paying for the warehousing, shipping and transportation of products through distributors and resellers.  Instead, our direct sales channel allows you to buy custom office cubicles at sale prices far below market retail value. Over the years, we have successfully outfitted offices in every conceivable vertical market.  We have installed workstations in tutoring centers, churches, oil companies, law offices, CPA firms, and construction companies.

Because of our emphasis on personalization, our custom office cubicles on sale are more ergonomic than most competing, retail equivalents.  We feel that the best support for labor is better support for the laborer. We make it a point to sell 8-hour rated office chairs that allow employees to sit comfortably for an entire work day.  We also pay special attention to lighting, incorporating task lighting into desking systems and glass inserts into partition panels so that cubicle interiors are evenly illuminated.

With so many laminates, fabrics, and veneers that you can choose, aesthetics is never a problem.  Custom office cubicles on sale can be any size, color, or style that you prefer–at prices that are always affordable when you have so many different materials options available.  Once you have signed off on your work order, our team builds your workstations, delivers them, and installs them at no additional charge. Your cubicles are then field tested before we leave your office, and they are fully warranted for all parts and labor.

Call Cubicle World now to get started on a new workflow design, and a new path to success, with custom built furniture systems and cubicles.   

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