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August 6, 2019

For one thing, today’s customer service cubicles can be a lot smaller than they used to be. Some are only 2W x 5L. Smaller workstations are possible thanks to mostly paperless work. Nowadays, a CSR workstation only needs to hold a small monitor, a keyboard, a phone, and a headset. Even though they are smaller, these cubicles are still very comfortable when equipped with low cost, eight hour rated ergonomic seats. The glass inserts in our cubicles bring in natural light to enhance the CSR’s lives, creating a more comfortable and focused workspace.

Even though privacy can be crucial to any office environment, it is extremely important in a call center place of business. The best workstations for call center workstations are equipped with taller middle panels to allow employees to have sanctity in the workspace.

This not only keeps the noise down and lowers visual stumbling blocks, but this also lets them put up personal items on the panels, including personal photos, which makes a worker feel more at home, making them happier and more productive.

The side panels are built lower, allowing management to see employees and respond if needed. Still, higher walls can only muffle so much sound. An added optional feature to panels is sound masking, which can offer a good solution, allowing workers to be less distracted in their workstations. This will produce less frustration, which will boost productivity and customer retention.

All the best call centers are intentionally made to use the optimum amount of office space. If you are wanting increased capacity, your customer service cubicles should be smaller and more adaptable. A lot of times they are placed together with many shared paneled walls. Modular workstations can be later reconfigured for long term growth.

Even though they are smaller, that does not mean that the call customer service cubicles are simple. It is a fact that a smaller workstation must have a much harder custom construction in order to maximize efficiency and performance. All call center workstations containing built-in file storage, tack boards, good wire capacity, whiteboards and other devices and elements that make functionality increase without using too much space are wise choices.

If you do invest in things designed to make a more pleasant workstation environment, (from ergonomic seats to task lighting needs), the whole cubicle experience can become mentally and personally demanding for the workers, so adding these can benefit you in the long run.

Do you want to know another great feature of call center workstation?
The best feature is the price. If you make a budget and remain within it, you can make your call center company streamlined and sound. Another thing is that is very important is being inclined to keep investing in your company and your workers. Being frugal can usually be wise but cutting corners on inferior cubicles can lead to lots of repairing units or replacing them in time.

Customer service cubicles are the central nervous system of your call center. If you select workstations made to support the specific needs of your inbound callers, you are empowering your workers to bring you abundant success. A Cubicle World expert can assist you for free in a quote on making sure that you are perfectly provisioned for your workspace if you are not sure which workstations are right for you.  Contact us today.

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