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February 17, 2019
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With decorative room dividers, separating out the spaces in your building doesn’t always have to be a purely utilitarian undertaking. There are a multitude of ways that you can aesthetically enhance the spaces you occupy while still getting the most efficient use out of those spaces. Cubicle World can provide you with pre-built or custom-designed decorative room dividers, sure to suit your spatial needs as well as your design tastes.

There are many colors, patterns, sizes, and materials to choose from to customize your decorative room dividers. This flexibility lets you express the personality and spirit of your space or project the branding of your organization. Are you a small startup in a dynamic industry and you’re seeking to enhance the modern look of your space with a polycarbonate-panel divider? Maybe you run a spa where wood and wicker panels here and there might add a warm touch to your space. Decorative room dividers can help shape space and be playful at the same time.

Acoustical decorative room dividers can help to subdivide your office space in a way that’s both efficient and fun while simultaneously offering privacy and fostering clear communication. Fabric tends to be a very effective way to absorb sound and block noise for when you’re looking to add decorative accents to a large room with hard surfaces. A good location would be an office space that regularly uses an area for a conference or presentation. Another use for such a decorative room divider may be an entrance hall to a college or university where students often gather to create as a space to study and meet, among other activities.

Portable decorative room dividers can also be used as large, movable “billboards” that can showcase your organization via large-format advertising. Many of our room dividers accept push pins or tacks, in the case of our fabric panelling, and many accept hooks as well. Select our sliding, or telescoping, dividers and those features can help you display banners and posters with ease when attending a public event to represent your organization. Another alternative we offer is the personalized decorative room divider. Add your logo to our custom dividers so that you can announce your presence at trade shows and expos and other conventions. These are also a great way to reinforce school spirit when you add your school’s name, logo, or mascot to your dividers.

Our wicker decorative room dividers can add a warm touch to an otherwise bland and boring space. A medical practice can conjure a calm and homelike feeling for anxious visitors if using a wicker divider to separate the waiting room from the rest of the office. For extra intimacy, a romantic restaurant can add a few folding dividers throughout the dining room or even on a balcony or outdoor patio, thanks to the weather resistance of these wicker panels. A spa or salon can also use these partitions to add an exotic touch to clients’ surroundings. Our wicker decorative room dividers come in single-panel, folding, and configurable variations and feature densely-woven wicker supported by a lightweight and but durable aluminum frame.

At Cubicle World, we can breathe life into your partitioning ideas no matter what their application or need, and with the extensive supply chain developed by our founder and President, Jerry Mogyorody, we can do this all without breaking your budget! See what we have to offer at Cubicle World or give us a call for a free consultation to see how we can bring you the best decorative room dividers to your door, always free of charge. Contact us today!

Decorative Room Dividers – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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