Different Office Cubicle Types for a Small Office

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March 2, 2022

A “How To” Guide for Optimally Designed Small Offices!

No office is too small for the best design – and we are here to show you how to create the best layout for even the smallest office spaces out there. Here are some things to consider before designing a new office cubicle system for a small workspace.   

  • How much space is available? 
  • Can you reorganize, recycle, or donate items to free up space?  
  • Will you need standing desks, storage space under monitor holders, or dual screen holders?  
  • What is your budget and what is important to you?  
  • What is a “need” versus a “want?” 
  • What do you like about your current setup and what do you wish was different? 

However, now that we’ve gathered a list of items to think about, we can begin to plan an office desk layout for a small workspace. Keep in mind that these are just a few ideas to consider maximizing your space’s efficiency and productivity.  

Small Ways to Make a Big Change  

Who says you can’t have a nice-looking office, regardless of its size? There are many simple ideas and changes you can make in your office to optimize the workspace. Let’s start by suggesting minor changes to your current office, that can make a BIG difference.  

  • Adding biophilic elements, such as plants  
  • Adapting light sources to be more natural or soft (yes, there are even photosynthetic lights that mimic the sun!) 
  • Utilizing multiple levels of storage racks, bins, or drawers so that items can stack in height, not width 
  • Buying memory foam mats to make standing desks easy on the lower back
  • Color, color, color! Swapping out chairs or paint for warm, inviting, or even neutral tones can help liven a space up without much effort 

 Large-Scale Changes to Suit the Small Office

If you’ve decided that a more “drastic” change is required to truly transform your small office space, we have the best ideas for you!  Modifying a space can take many steps and options, so always do what is best for your work style and office space.  

First, did you know that cubicle walls have several different options such as:  

  • Dry-erase walls 
  • Frosted glass  
  • Clear glass 
  • Movable walls 

Most importantly, if you are searching for an entirely new office space down to the walls you work within, then looking at various office cubicle types can be a starting point for you. We have a great selection of cubicles and desks that can make any small office look amazing. Your first step that will surely make a big difference is to begin by designing a new office layout. Together we can design a layout that will maximize your workspace, guaranteed!  

The cubicle’s customizable feature can provide you design freedom, which will feel empowering no matter how much space you have to work with.  These days, offices are more than just an employee’s workspace. Office cubicle types must include the option for privacy and ease in collaboration, all at the same time. Additionally, office cubicle systems must reflect employee safety and wellbeing, too. Modernization of office spaces – yes, even the small ones – is key to employee retention and productivity 

Let’s Talk Layouts 

Office cubicles can have multiple layouts. For office cubicles layout options, it is important to consider:  

  • Where will your computer or workstation be located?  
  • Will you need or want a door? If you have a door, will it need a locking or closing mechanism? 
  • Will your office space be used for in-person meetings that will require specific seating options?  
  • Is your office space currently accessible by ADA standards?  
  • How tall do you want the walls to be? Fully enclosed or more open? 
  • How close are other office spaces to each other? To the front of the office or emergency exits? 

After you’ve taken these factors into account, make a list of your top “must haves” for your office space. Remember that everyone is different, so where some things may be a “one size fits all approach” like desks, chairs, computers, outlets, other items are not (like tables, chairs, storage space, etc.).  

Changes in an Office Can Make the Difference You Want 

If you want to make the most of a small office, you need to consider your space and what you have to work with. Think of different ways you want to change your space and what features you would like to have. We can create a plan and put it into action! An office cubicle layout can look very different depending on your needs, so start by making a list of what you want to prioritize for your workspace. There’s no office too small, where we can’t make the biggest changes, you always wanted to make.  

Cubicle World Has You Covered All Things Office Cubicle Systems 

 The future of office cubicle systems is right here. Whether you want a small-scale change or need a full-on office upgrade, Cubicle World has you covered! We have multiple office cubicle types down to the smallest pieces of furniture you need to create the optimal working space. We promise to optimize multiple office cubicle systems for the utmost efficiency and use of the space available. On the other hand, we can also refurbish the furniture you already have to help cut down costs or rent out furniture, making routine changes easier than ever. Each package is custom tailored to your needs and wants (with respect to your budget and resources). When all is said and done, we come install it all, too.  

Let’s Start Planning a New Office Design Today  

A small office can still have a high-end design, and it deserves one, too. Schedule your free consultation today and receive a complimentary office cubicle layout design unique to you. From office cubicle types down to the smallest of office desk layout ideas, we guarantee the best!  

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