Different Types of Cubicles

August 5, 2019

Professional Cubicles
A professional cubicle is mostly mid-sized and can be a combination of cubicle types that can be used to enhance the production of many different professions. Even if you are a professional user of cubicles, like an engineer, accountant, sales manager or another profession, this has a lot to do with choosing custom parts and panels for your products we craft for you.

We can construct the right types of workstations with your companies’ personal specifications in mind, based on the materials, sizes, and even the storage elements to make certain your workflow needs are met.

Private Office Cubicles
Private office cubicles can be the optimum choice for some. Instead of plainer looking designs used for most workers using drywall and flat substances, these types of cubicles are generally made for executive cubicles. Even though they may look very complicated, they are pieced together by our master team of specialists so that installation and later reconfiguration is easy.

Because the cubicle partitions are mounted to the floor themselves, a larger walled structure with walls as tall as 6’ to 8’ feet can be made in order to allow frosted or clear glass inserts or “custom office windows” to allow for more productive and freer workflow. For professions that handle sensitive information, these types of workstations are ideal because they make privacy number one in priority for personal work or high-profile meetings within a company.

Sectional or “L” shaped workstations.
These sectional or “L” shaped cubicles can make a big difference in gaining a variety of different appearances of your cubicle collection. This is, of course, a better view than 3 or 4-sided cubicle stations all over. The “L” shaped workstations can add a good sense of balance and variety, insulating and giving a very open or accessible working atmosphere. “L” shaped cubicles can be constructed in either long or the shorter types, with easy assembly for any budget.

Circular Cubicles
Another fresh addition to the working environment is a circular cubicle. These can add a newer, perspective that is very stylish or modern, a sight that is not normally seen in most offices nowadays. Out of all the many types and sizes of cubicles there are, round ones are not the most efficient on space, making them not the most practical type for office workflow.

However, they do make an office more attractive to the observer and can give the illusion that the room is more spacious than it is. If your office celebrates the creative forces of human might, adding one of these round cubicles an addition to your floor can produce a lot more innovative and fresh designs.

High-Walled Cubicles
Most types of workstations can be organized by their wall and panel heights, which directly influences the level of employee privacy your company will give. Also, a big factor in cubicle heights is the employee’s preference for working with certain heights of cubicle walls, as some people prefer a private space to work in. If you have an employee who needs increased privacy, workstations with larger, paneled walls can be a much cheaper and cost-saving solution.

Low-Walled Cubicles
Could you be searching for cubicle solutions for group related work to be done by your employees for artistic or creative ventures? A lower paneled wall on cubicles makes group interaction easier, allowing for cross talk and casual breaks for employees. Reduced noise can be also achieved by using acoustic panels.

We offer factory direct custom cubicle manufacturing, which allows us to give the best prices available to customers buying their workstations made to their design. Because we have our own shipping fleet, and because we do not use resellers to vend our products, we can custom design your cubicle needs at a fraction of the cost to you. Keeping all our materials inventory organized and diversified allows us to create a nearly infinite variety of styles for our customers.

Even if you do not see all the different makes and models of workstations as we have shown in our passages above, Cubicle World can make a custom-designed workspace that is perfect for you. We also offer free delivery and setup of all our cubicle creations, as we have our own set of trucks for delivery and offer a warranty on all of our workmanship. Contact us today.

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