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May 31, 2019
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Fitting your office space with discount call center workstations can be an overwhelming task. Give Cubicle World a call for a free consultation to see how we can help you save money as you provide your employees with the right individual workspaces to keep them on task throughout the workdays.

Because they’re the smallest and least complex workstations out there, call center workstations tend to be the cheapest. Still, the typical price range for a call center cubicle falls between $1,000 and $2,000. When you think of how many people can be employed in a call center, the expense can be massive for some businesses. Discount call center workstations make it so that you can provide a cubicle for each of your employees without breaking your budget.

When you think of Cubicle World, it’s good to remember just how we can save you money on your call center cubicles. One of the ways that you can reduce cost is to keep the size of your discount call center workstations down to a minimum. Naturally, the easiest way to do this is through manipulating the size and features available, since the more material used, the more costly the unit.

Most other cubicles outside the realm of customer service and telemarketing tend to be larger, with many types of storage features to support a more complex workload than just making and receiving phone calls. However, for the purposes of talking to clients through inbound and outbound marketing, the average employee rarely needs much more than a headset, a computer, and a filing cabinet. Discount call center workstations can live up to their name when you try to keep the size and number of features to a minimum.

Another factor that can affect the price of a call center workstation is the number of units that you plan to buy within a single order. When you buy from Cubicle World, you get to enjoy the advantages of a discount through bulk purchases. In other words, the more cubicles you buy, the less you pay per cubicle. Even better is that, because the duties among each call center employee can be fairly uniform, there are likely few changes that need to occur from one discount call center workstation to the next.

It might not seem like a money-saver, but how you configure your workstations in a fixed-area office space can actually be beneficial when you want to lower costs. It’s easy to get a feel for how much comfortable space there is in your office and you may find that there’s little space for adequate circulation between each cubicle. What may be more difficult to determine is whether or not this should require a costly move to a newer, larger office.

Luckily, expert space planning with office cubicles in our blood, and we can extend that to discount call center workstations as well. Decades ago, our founder and president Jerry started his foray into office space planning with designing high-density filing systems to free up much-needed floor space and increase workplace efficiency. Straight rows tend to be easier to configure than grouping into clusters. They also tend to be less expensive because of the presence of shared walls. With the small footprint that each cubicle can take up, running lengths along walls and even corners are a space-efficient solution as well.

Cubicle World prides itself on its two-part role in the industry as both distributor and fabricator. As a distributor, we have access to hundreds of leading manufacturers around the world, making it easy for you to pick the perfect workstation out of a catalog for ordering and shipment right to your door. However, when it comes to discount call center workstations, it might be through our position as a fabricator that you will see the most savings for your purchase. A main reason for this is the vast supply chain that Jerry has built over the years. With almost any material under the sun to source from these numerous suppliers, you can conceive of a workstation built from the most competitively priced materials as a surefire way to lower your costs and always come in under your budget.

We also boast our own fabrication shop, from which you can order any custom-designed workstation. This could theoretically provide you with any combination of features and materials that would satisfy the individual need of the user. Once your workstations have been built, we can load them onto our own fleet of trucks, delivering anywhere to the lower 48 states, but also eliminating a “middle man” who would only drive up prices.

Give Cubicle World a call for a free consultation to see how we can help you select the perfect discount call center workstations for your office. We value quality and service. Contact us today, and when you do, ask us about our 100% free shipping on every order you place!

Discount Call Center Workstation – FREE QUOTE 713-412-3090

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