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December 8, 2016

Discount Office Cubicles Can Save You Money Today!

Sure, you could buy new office cubicles at full price. But why? Other than knowing you didn’t fall back on discounts or sales, there is no reason. Why would you want to spend more money than you really have to spend? If you could save a good chunk of your office furniture budget, you’ll be able to shift that money into a different account to use on other needs, such as a new copier or new printers.

Save Money

Why wouldn’t you want to save money that you could use for other business needs? Doing so puts you ahead, just in case of an unexpected emergency. So, rather than looking exclusively at new cubicles being sold at full price, turn your attention to cubicles being sold at a discount – on sale, if you will.

Even if the cubicles you’re interested in are at full price, there’s no harm in asking about a discount for ordering in bulk. If you decide to buy from Cubicle World, speak to one of our furniture experts about a discount for ordering all of the cubicles you need. You may just get a sizable savings.

Buy Usable Cubicles

Just because you see a brand or set of office cubicles at a discounted price, this doesn’t mean they are flawed in any way. Instead, they may be last year’s model and discounted so the office furniture store can make more room for this year’s incoming cubicle models.

Discount cubicles are still absolutely usable. Before being ordered, they sit, boxed, in a warehouse until a company like yours chooses them. Because they’ve never been used before, they will have no flaws. So, if you see cubicles you like but are worried that the price indicates they are defective, you don’t need to worry about anything.

If Discount is Refurbished, Why Not?

Maybe the cubicles you’re considering have been refurbished. This indicates they have been used by another business, then sent to a used office furniture outlet, where they were inspected and refurbished. “Refurbished” simply means these cubicles have been cleaned, broken parts replaced and panels replaced for new panels.

This being the case, if you see a set of cubicles that may meet your business’ needs, but they have not been refurbished, you may be able to have them refurbished and updated to your specific order. Think about it. You’ll be able to get fabric or glass cubicle dividers that complement your office color scheme or even your branding scheme.

Refurbished Equals Environmental Good Sense

Yes, ordering new cubicles gives you a good feeling. As though you are doing well enough that you can afford to buy new. But wouldn’t you feel even better knowing that, if you order refurbished, you’re doing your part to protect our delicate environment?

By ordering used, refurbished cubicles, your company is actually diverting cubicles that would otherwise be sent to an overflowing landfill. The materials in those cubicles would pollute the soil and possibly, the groundwater. Go ahead and take that step. Order refurbished and help the environment. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and consider buying discount.

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