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Affordable OFfice Cubicles For Sale In Katy, Texas
March 2, 2016


Discount Office Cubicles For Sale By CUBICLEWORLD.COM

Before you sign a credit card statement or loan agreement for your newest set of discount office cubicles, you need to know what you and your employees need. They need to give you their honest input into what would work best for them before you commit to a decision. Shop at the store that will best meet your company’s needs.

Decide What You Need, Not What You Want

As you and your employees worked in your current cubicles, over time you found out what features worked for you and which ones didn’t. Maybe your employees came to you or spoke to managers to explain why they didn’t like some features and why they appreciated having others. You probably noticed that, as you moved around and used your cubicle.

Maybe some parts were too small for you to use comfortably. It could be that there was too much space between drawers, cabinets and your chair and you were never able to situate yourself comfortably. As you browse online and through glossy catalogs, you’re noting features you know you need and others that are in the “that would be nice to have” category. Don’t fall into the trap of ordering more cubicle than you need. Sure, that closing door would be nice – but is it really necessary? Divide the necessary features from the “wanted” features on a sheet of paper, then decide.

Get Employee Input

Beyond making decisions based on what you’ve experienced, your employees are a valuable source of information. It’s possible that they have noticed shortcomings and advantages to your current cubicles. Ask them to tell you what they observed and experienced. Makes notes of everything they tell you, because you’re going to use this information as you make up your mind.

Sitting everyone down in one or more meetings is an excellent way of getting the information you need. Above all, you want to avoid buying cubicles with features that you and your employees didn’t like or that you didn’t find very helpful.

Remember that your employees are tall and short, slim, petite and big. If you ordered cubicles that were a one-size-fits-all style, employees had to deal with not enough room, having to stretch to reach cabinets and overhead bins and trying to squeeze long legs under keyboard trays that wouldn’t accommodate their length.

Shop at the Right Stores

You’re not going to find the right cubicles for you and your staff by shopping in a discount store. At the same time, you need to watch money, so you can’t shop where the prices are beyond your budget.

Look for stores, like Cubicle World, where you can find discount cubicles that may have been re-manufactured. Do you need complimentary professional space planning before you make your final choice? Let our experts know, and we’ll send them to your company.

Take Time to Consult Our Experts

You may have a better idea of what you need and want, but don’t overlook a consultation with one of our experts. As you weigh the various office furniture systems, our expert can show you what will work best with you, your employees and your company’s needs. Browse our cubicles and buy the right discount cubicles for your business. Contact us today.

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