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January 17, 2017

Before you buy new office furniture, you need to know a little bit about the providers first. It would be nice if you could just stroll into the first office furniture store you see on the street and expect perfection, but their services and products may not meet your company’s specific needs.

Here are six questions to ask before choosing a office furniture supplier:

How Large is Your Line of Furniture?

You should already have a specific idea of what you need and the quantities of each item. If you don’t, this is the time to complete a cubicle and employee count and pin those numbers down. How much space do you have within your office space? Beyond numbers, you need to understand just what you provide to the public. Check with your staffers and see what they need and would like. If you have disabled staffers, take their specialized needs into consideration.

Our Budget Isn’t Very Big. Can You Help?

You know what you can afford to spend. Instead of buying luxury or high-end items, you may need to opt for re-manufactured pieces. Choosing this option can save you between 30 and 50 percent of the list price of each piece you select.

Explain this to the salesperson, who should guide you to less-expensive furniture items.

Do You Have Used Furniture?

An office furniture provider may buy and sell used, refurbished or remanufactured furniture, and this is something to need to find out.

Don’t be embarrassed that you are considering used office furniture. By choosing it, you’re diverting that furniture from going into the landfill. If you’re already active in protecting the environment, another incentive is that the furniture you’re thinking of buying is updated with recycled materials.

Can Buyers Finance Their Purchases?

You may not be able to get around it: No matter how much you economize, your existing budget just won’t cover everything you need. This is when you ask providers if they have financing options available.

You may be able to lease your furniture. If these items come with rebates, you can redeem them as you are purchasing to bring the final cost down. Finally, you may need to sign a finance agreement. If this is your current situation, ask our staffers at CUBICLEWOLRD.COM about financing and we can explain what is available for you.

What About Your Warranties?

When you have a warranty, you are protected, either for a specific number of years or for the lifetime of the furniture. Read carefully through the terms of each warranty. Because this will help clue you in as to the life expectancy and durability of what you may be buying.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

This is the big bugaboo. If you are ordering new furniture, order it well in advance of when you must have it in your office. Many times, the furniture has to be made after you place your order – this is what makes the delivery time as long as it is. Too, stocks of a piece you order may be out and must be placed on order.

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