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March 6, 2019
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Cubicle World knows that for businesses of any size and in any industry, time and money are precious—that’s why we offer DIY cubicles as a way for you to enhance your office with efficient workstations that can be assembled in mere seconds.

Portable cubicle partitions can be crucial when you need to create an appropriate work environment for your employees, especially when you operate in an open floor plan. Our DIY cubicles are an excellent way to organize your office space, and since they take no tools and very little manpower to assemble, they allow you to free up your time and money for more important things.

There’s no need to hire a team of specialists to put together rigid system of cubicle walls that respond poorly to the needs of its users. Our DIY cubicles are a modern, stylish office workstation partitioning system that’s tool-less in assembly and fully-customizable.

There are a multitude of ways to design and build out the workstation that most adequately responds to your comfort and work needs, and it takes just a few minutes. Simply pick your DIY cubicle elements—panels, posts, and optional windows—and slide them together for a unique configuration that can readily be modified as the size and needs of your workforce grow and change.

One of the great things about our DIY cubicles is the privacy they afford to its users. Open-plan office layouts have been found to be more distracting than inspiring, since the average employee needs a degree of privacy in order to stay on task as well as not feel vulnerable. Giving employees the option of walls, as with our DIY cubicles, actually has a positive impact on how they perceive their workstations, their work, and their own well-being.

Protection from a constant barrage of environmental noise lowers stress and strengthens focus, leading to enhanced mood and productivity in the workplace. The partitions on our DIY cubicles come in heights of 4’ and 6’, so the user can have some control over his or her comfort levels in terms of visual as well as acoustical privacy.

Another advantage of our DIY cubicles is the freedom of space that users can enjoy over time. Many people might think of the traditional cubicle as one that comes with all the bells and whistles: a work surface and built-in amenities such as storage bins and the provision of electrical power. While all of this is very efficient, once the cubicle is built and assembled, it’s very rare that it can grow over time with your work and space needs without needing replacement.

However, with Cubicle World’s DIY cubicles, an employee can expand their own workstation indefinitely, independent of the actual work surface and features. Even better, all you need is one or two pairs of hands in order to accomplish this.

Thanks to the customizability of this DIY cubicle system, it can physically grow into a multi-user solution as the company does, especially since workforce growth often demands more efficient use of space. Your DIY cubicles can define multi-user spaces on various dimensions and through different forms.

They can delineate spaces broadly in the form of perimeter walls, such as between executive and non-executive zones, between company departments, or even between smaller collaborative units such as project teams.

Within these broad divisions, smaller DIY cubicles can form individual workstations, where two available wall height options can regulate privacy and socialization to varying degrees between any two employees. Strategic use of partition wall height can also highlight the clustering of various teams in the office.

With Cubicle World’s highly configurable DIY cubicles, several sizes are offered among the system elements consisting mainly of panels and posts. These elements, in your choice of size and shape, can be mixed and matched to offer maximum creativity and adaptability when forming your perfect cubicle system.

After choosing the desired size, color, and configuration of your system, select the number of panels and posts to be used. Each anodized aluminum post is a 4’ or 6’ high extruded square that can accept a panel on each of its four sides. This allows you to expand your system of DIY cubicles in all directions and in various shapes if necessary.

Living up to its DIY name, this entire system can be constructed without any tools or specialized help; simply slide the various panels into their adjacent posts to begin a world of possibilities.

The lightweight but durable 2” thick panels of this DIY cubicle system are made of our stylish acoustical fabric which has excellent sound-dampening qualities, better than most partitions that are on the market. Choose from heights of 4’ and 6’, as well as widths of 2’, 3’, 4’, and 6’.

Over 20 beautiful colors are available, adding an extra dimension of customizability and personalization to your DIY cubicles. Our acoustical fabric also accepts pushpins for when employees would like to make the most of their workstation walls as a display area for family photos, their children’s artwork, various memos and notes, and calendars.

When you select our 6’ high DIY cubicle partitions, you have the option to outfit their top portions with a window so you don’t have to compromise the lighting of your workstation. Choose this extra touch of elegance and character from one of three material choices: fluted polycarbonate, clear acrylic, or frosted acrylic.

The beauty of the DIY ethic is not just the sense of accomplishment and independence that comes with assembling your office partitions on your own; you can also enjoy the freedom of redefining traditional concepts too. While DIY cubicles can be used in their typical role as individual or clustered workstation, why not expand that role into shapers of more general workspace needs?

Because our DIY cubicles help to offer privacy to users, they can easily contribute to the formation of various-sized spaces whose activities require protection from surrounding noise for clear communication, such as meeting and presentation spaces. Give form to office-wide conferences, team project discussions, client meetings, job interview spaces, break rooms, and food preparation areas.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is or what you do. When you want a strong sense of organization in the workplace at little cost or hassle, contact Cubicle World for a free consultation to set you up with our DIY cubicles, for maximum efficiency and maximum creativity.

The sky’s the limit as you traverse a variety of scales and uses with this highly flexible workstation solution. With every purchase you make, you can count on us to offer free shipping. Give us a call today!

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